Tech in Business: 4 Major Gamechangers and How to Cope

The digital and computer revolution has left the 21st century truly a brave new world. Social interaction has taken on new meanings and dimensions through online gaming, mass communications and the social media craze.

Technology has made learning, shopping and interacting with the entire world a daily thing for most inhabitants of the planet. While businesses were smart to get in on the use of advanced computing in the office, and establishing a web presence early, the latest waves of massive innovations have changed the game for business.

Those business professionals who don’t roll up their sleeves and take this bull by the horns as soon as possible are absolutely destined to fall by the wayside.

1. SEO and PPC Systems

In the early days of the web, being found on a search engine was a predictable practice with predictable results. The web was simple, its purposes were limited mainly to research rather than commerce. Advertisement services become popular quickly, and PPC (or pay-per-click) systems caught on, for webmasters to pay overhead or turn some semblance of profit.

Along with increased, more sophisticated PPC, search engines themselves have evolved quite a lot since the early pioneering web days. Driven by keyword systems, where user-entered search terms are tracked for trends, website owners can now embed said keywords into their content. If done properly, this can garner higher rankings in a search engine’s results. This practice is called SEO, or search engine optimization.

Establishing service with a reliable PPC ad provider and seeing that the content creation professionals in a company are trained in SEO practices ensures a powerful, reliable web presence to attract customers and garner increased and improved PR.

2. Online Shopping and E-Commerce

E-Commerce showed up in primordial forms in the early web as well, but has become incredibly sophisticated and popular with users. Any company selling merchandise absolutely stands to gain customers through the convenience of an online storefront.

Use of an Amazon page, eBay account or a custom store front on a business’ own website all work amazingly well. Accepting PayPal along with major credit and debit cards is a must—many businesses have lost customers instantly due to a lack of PayPal support.

3. Educated IT Staff

In order to keep all these new technologies and this complex web presence running smoothly, as well as all the inner office services as well, IT professionals have never been more crucial to a business’ success.

Implementing and maintaining web presence and complex new business software internally is not something a business professional is likely to be versed in themselves. This is why establishing a solid training program to improve the skillset of an existing IT staff, or to hire and train newcomers is a must.

Training has never been easier to provide for new hires and existing staff, thanks to online educational services, including master’s degrees in information assurance. Many major city and state universities run satellite online services to provide flexibly-scheduled education as needed.

4. Cloud Computing and Advanced Business Systems

The technology in the office has exploded even more than the customer relations of PPC/SEO and e-commerce.

A company with excellent customer support, for example, is a company which is far more likely to succeed. At one time, providing this solid kind of support was almost impossible beyond set (rather poor) limits. New CRM suites (customer relations management) allow for faster, more reliable customer care and support, as well as better tracking of business statistics within the company.

Similar services for web snooping for best practices in e-commerce and advertising have also emerged from the mists in recent time, allowing companies who wish to have the sharpest edge possible to know trends, markets and demographics in real time.

On top of these technologies, cloud computing—servers remotely handling file hosting and processing—has allowed business professionals to stay connected from anywhere, day or night. Platform and location independence is a must as a company remains reflexive and reactionary to an ever-changing business climate.

It’s never been a better time to be a business, with these new technologies and ways of thinking. But, it can only be truly helpful as intended when initiative is taken to master these things.



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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