Taking Your Business Online

Data from Internet Retailer has predicted that global internet sales will surpass $1.25 trillion dollars in 2013.

There’s also data that shows that online marketing will grow by 14% in 2013 while traditional marketing will experience a 1% decline.

I can keep citing data from various sources to prove the effectiveness of marketing online but one thing is certain, the internet is the future of business and small businesses can still benefit from going online; that’s the reason why this blog was created. It’s important, however, to realize that you can still build a successful business online without having to break the bank.

What I mean by this is that with $100 - $200, you can build a successful online business in just a few months as long as you have the right tools.

Taking Your Business Online doesn't have to be expensive. Here are a few tips and tools to help you build a successful online business on a budget.

Taking Your Business Online

1. Cost-Effective Way to Build Websites

It’s no secret that you need a website to build a successful business online; Facebook or Twitter won’t cut it, nor will other digital sharecroppers masquerading as “platforms”; to build a successful business online you need your own website and your own domain name and you don’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars on design or maintenance.

With a tool such as Easy WebContent – that has an easy to use site builder for beginners as well as an editor for people who already own a website – you can build a professional, fast website in minutes.

You also don’t need prior coding or programming experience to create a website.

2. Effective Marketing without Spending a Cent

There’s no doubt about it, effective content marketing is the future of marketing online.

As long as you can write a blog, write a newsletter and write other forms of content, you don’t have to worry about getting people to check out what you have to offer; you just have to develop a strategy around content, be consistent with it and get other people to see you as an expert on what you have to offer.

For example if I have a business coaching kids to learn to effectively play chess, effective content marketing for me is about being seen as the go to expert when it comes to chess for kids; to do this, I have to keep writing about chess for kids through my blog posts, my newsletter, PDF reports, infographics, whitepapers etc. and then distribute these forms of content to as many people as possible.

This often won’t cost a cent.

However, these forms of content are often restricted to your existing audience; you can take things further by also leveraging content to grow your business outside your website; for example, by guest blogging for major blogs in your industry or by being active on communities and forums in your niche.

Basically, you can do this by looking for popular blogs in your niche, sending them ideas for guest posts and then writing the guest posts if they like your idea.

To make this process fast and easy, you can use a guest blogging platform called PostJoint; PostJoint serves as a middleman between guest bloggers and bloggers who want guest posts. It has a list of bloggers with quality blogs in various niches and it makes it easy for you to submit your content to the right blogs as easily as possible. In other words, it eliminates the difficulty and stress involved if you want to guest post on a massive scale.

3. Tracking Customer Activity without Breaking the Bank

If you own a startup or a small business, knowing the movements of customers on your website can be very critical to your business success; it makes it easy for you to plan your moves, target the right audience and focus more on what works.

Unfortunately, basic analytics software like Google Anlytics isn’t going to cut it; you can step up your game by using a tool like Kissmetrics, which makes it very easy for you to monitor customer activity on your website right from the very first visit to the point of sale.

With Kissmetrics, you know which of your marketing yield results and can as a result focus more on it; this is a life saver for a lot of small businesses.



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Tuesday, 16 July 2019
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