Take Massive Sales Action

More and more of our clients are asking to help us solve their sales problem. We have used “Life is a pitch”, which is a nice, soft, gentle book about the nobility of sales.

The book “Sell or be sold” takes a sledge hammer to selling. Grant Cardone argues that selling is an essential life skill. If you can sell, you will eat. If there would be no sales, there would be no business (marketers take note!). Which makes you wonder why selling is not taught at university.

10,000 hours

Cardone’s take is Gladwell’s 10,000 hours. You can only be good at sales if you commit to become a professional. Lots of hours should be spend on training, testing, trying, failing, succeeding, learning. How much time have you spend on learning how to sell?

Love is all

He beliefs, which you have to LOVE what you are selling. You have to be utterly convinced that your product or service is the best. SO much so that not selling to the prospect is doing him or her a disservice. For Army Rangers to complete a mission they are convinced and committed and as a result are capable of unbelievable things.

Be a PRO in selling

You should be a PRO and you should be in control. Not selling is your fault. Not the product, not the client. You and you alone.

His tips:

  • Always agree with the client
  • Always put things on paper
  • Credibility is everything
  • Give clients you complete and undiluted attention
  • Service is senior to selling
  • Follow up
  • PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)
  • Competition is for sissies (dominate)
  • If you want a bigger paycheck, get a bigger attitude
  • Lack of consistency always boils down to lack of real discipline

Massive action

My favourite is “take massive action”. To quote straight from the book;

“Throw a pebble in a pond and it creates ever-widening ripples. Pound the pond with mortar round after mortar round and then follow up with more mortar rounds, and you’ll create a massive lake. Everyone around will come to see what you’re doing”

And his finishes where he starts

Would you rather depend on the board of directors, CEO or social welfare, or would you rather rely on your ability to sell.

What are the lesson for business?

  • You are probably not taking sales serious enough and you are not investing enough in the skills need to become a PRO
  • If not all of you staff are using your product, they are not believing and are not committed
  • Clients should have your undivided attention. Xtreme customer care is the name of the game
  • If you are not taking massive action, you are wasting your time
If you want us to help you with sales or other challenges, let us know here http://www.bookbuzz.biz/submit-challenge/. No strings attached.



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Tuesday, 16 July 2019
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