Suggestions for Making Your Customers More Comfortable


In the world of business, acquiring and keeping customers often requires more than having a great product. A great product is important, to be sure. However, the comfort your customer feels when they acquire that product is just as, if not more crucial than the product itself. After all, a good product presented in a bad way is ultimately a bad product.

Prevent Issues from Occurring

At any given time, any number of unexpected issues can derail your business and cause problems for your customers. As a business owner, then, it’s important to anticipate these issues as well as possible to try and prevent them from occurring in the first place. For example, if it’s a rainy day, it’s important to lay out extra mats in your entry way to ensure every customer is able to get their feet completely dry to prevent slips, trips, and falls. Keeping a close eye on changing conditions as well as learning from past issues that have arisen are great ways to be adequately prepared to prevent new issues from occurring.

Control the Environment

Unlike when you’re at home, controlling the temperature at your place of business can be a tricky proposition. After all, if you have, say, ten employees, you will have ten opinions of what the temperature should be. It’s important to try and find a happy medium for all seasons to ensure that both customers and employees stay as comfortable as possible. Keep in mind that the commercial cooling and heating systems your building is equipped with will likely have the capacity to get the building warmer or colder than your HVAC system at home. Therefore, make any changes cautiously so you don’t end up with a building that’s way too cold or hot.

Maintain a Good Reputation

Another aspect of customer comfort is their mental comfort when they’re at your establishment. To ensure consistent mental comfort, it’s important to maintain a good reputation that can easily be picked up on by both new and recurring customers. This means maintaining a good reputation in product or service quality, employee friendliness, timeliness, and customer safety. Allowing any of these categories to suffer will do damage to your reputation which could wind up being irreparable.

Take Quick Action

Another way to ensure your customers are always comfortable is to be proactive about listening to and acting upon customer feedback. This can encompass the previous three points, as customers can point out issues they notice to help you prevent them from occurring, can let you know if they feel too hot or cold, and can provide insight into your reputation through their overall satisfaction. If you listen to your customers but don’t act on what they tell you, your customers will feel ignored, a quick road to discomfort. If they feel heard, though, their comfort level will rise immensely.

Be Present

It’s likely that one of the reasons you got into business in the first place is because of your love for people. Whether or not that’s true, though, it’s important to be present in your place of business so your customers can have a trusted representative of that business with which to interact. So, leave your office as frequently as possible so you can build strong bonds with your customers that will make it much more likely they will return later.



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Thursday, 21 November 2019
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