Successful Shipping: Managing Your Deliveries like a Pro


The process of selling a product doesn't end until you have successfully shipped it to your customer. Here are some successful shipping tips to get you managing your deliveries like a pro.

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Shipping and handling operations can have a critical impact on whether the customer receives their goods in a timely manner and in good condition. These points can be the make-or-break factors in whether your customer has a positive experience with your company that facilitates more business in the future. 

Use Technology Effectively

 A wide range of shipping technology is available to help you get your product to the customers faster and with fewer problems. These technologies can help you package, label and ship your goods with higher productivity and great profit margins. Take the time to educate your workforce on these technologies to maximize their benefits. 

For example, creating a scanning system and utilising scanners in each step of your fulfillment process can help each team know where each order is. When everyone is on the same page, each order goes faster and productivity increases. The faster and more accurate fulfillment is, the more time you have to dedicate to shipping.

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Updated Communications Systems

Fortunately, we live in a time when communications have become easier and more reliable than ever before. These systems make it easy to maintain constant communications with carriers and customers to facilitate shipments and increase the rates and frequency of on-time deliveries. Update your communications systems periodically to help let everyone involved know what’s going on. Whether this means updating your website’s software and procedures or if this means hiring a shipping company with this ability is up to you.

Many shipping companies have the ability to send updates to customers about their order. Finding a shipping business that knows how important communication is and is willing to help your business by sharing updates with your customers can help you avoid calls and escalations about delayed deliveries. For example, if your customer knows the shipment is delayed due to inclement weather, that customer is more likely to understand and leave you to figure out the situation without the distraction of customer service problems.

Set Up Routine Maintenance Procedures 

Breakdowns of equipment and technology can slow your operations down to a crawl and can sometimes take you offline indefinitely. You can prevent these issues by instituting routine maintenance throughout the year to ensure your equipment is functioning at optimum levels.

Don’t neglect any area of your operations when it comes to maintenance. All too often we think of maintenance only for machinery. Equipment maintenance is important, but it’s also important to remember that things like regularly checking in with employees, having your facility itself inspected, and consistently updating your website will all add up to the smooth operation of your business. If one aspect falls apart. Many others could soon follow.

A Trained Workforce Means Maximum Accuracy and Productivity 

You can also eliminate shipping problems and delays by ensuring your entire workforce has received proper training. Your workers should have the right training and certifications in the details of their own duties so their job becomes almost instinctual. Proper certification and licensing will ensure their ability to do their tasks efficiently in optimal conditions as well as worst-case scenarios.

If you find that your employees need more training or could have a license or certification that they do not, directing them to a training facility that specializes in their work area—like getting a truck licence, forklift training, or even training to help with hazardous material handling—can help them learn more and refresh their knowledge.

These four tips can help you to provide the right structure to keep your shipping operations both timely, consistent, and effective. Investing in the time and technology can make a significant difference in how your workforce is able to help your company successfully serve your customers.

Over to you now. Any tips on successful shipping to share? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Thursday, 14 November 2019
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