Stubby Holders and Its Promotional Benefits

New businesses emerge each year and that is why the competition in the business becomes even tighter in the business world as the years goes by. For this reason, many companies rely on their advertising and marketing strategies for survival. However, times change so are the trends. The advertising campaigns that have been successful before are not as effective anymore. Many companies are trying different methods of drawing the attention of customers and one way of doing that is through promotional products.

Promotional products are still the most effective method of increasing the awareness of people on your business. By handing out promotional giveaways that bear your company’s brand and logo, people will be aware of your business each time they use that particular item.

The traditional giveaways that companies use are pens, caps, clocks, calendars, mugs and paperweights.  However, these things are too common nowadays and using them is not very effective anymore. If you are looking for something unique and new, then stubby holders are your best bet.

The main purpose of stubby holders is to keep your stubbies or beer cans cool. They are made of neoprene or latex and usually come in various shapes, colours and sizes. The layout design of stubby holders is customisable, which in turn allows you to place your company’s logo and brand where they are recognizable. Here are the benefits of using stubby holders as a promotional item.

Increases Your Business Exposure

Almost everyone wants to have a sip of beer and that is why it is the world’s most popular liquor. Whether you go to pubs, restaurants, parties, swimming pools, picnics, indoor or outdoor events, you will see someone who is holding a bottle of beer.  Furthermore, beers are not seasonal, people drink beer all year round even if there is no reason to celebrate.  For this reason, stubby holders are considered as a very effective promotional product. With the use of stubby holders, people will see your company logo every time they lift their beer bottles to have a drink.

Improve Relations with Clients

People are living in a tight budget and they would be glad to receive freebies from you. However, they can only appreciate your giveaways if they attractive and useful. Since stubby holders are made of neoprene materials, they are easy to work with. You can custom print your logo, layout design and message, as well as create different types of holders out of these materials. They can come on lids, zippers, bases, slim ladies shapes, or wine bottle shapes. Of course, you can choose whatever colours you like, but executives will appreciate grey and black holders, while young managers will love those that come in aqua, magenta or purple colours.


Stubby holders are inexpensive and is made of neoprene materials that you can custom design with the use of the latest printing technology.  Although stubby holders are affordable, they are extremely durable and reusable, allowing the recipients to use them for many months and even years to come. This in turn allows you to gain business exposure for an extended period of time.

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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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