Strength in Numbers: How to Create Teamwork and Improve Business Efficiency

The adage of there being no 'I' in team tends to hold true when it comes to getting things done as a group. Strong businesses and companies will have an effective, cohesive group dynamic. An ideal comparison is to think of workers as cogs on a wheel. When they work together, the wheel is able to move. If cogs remain broken or fragmented, the wheel may not only be less effective in turning, but completely halted in the process. Because of this, it is important to create a solid teamwork ethic when it comes to business. Here are effective ways to create a strong group core.

Create Clear Roles in a Group

One of the most important parts of creating an effective team is to ensure that clearly defined roles are set into place. Each team member is responsible for fulfilling his or her part when it comes to the tasks ahead. While it is definitely important for team members to be there to help one another, there should be no reason that one should pick up the slack of another on a continual basis. It is up to the employer to create these defined roles for team members to follow. Supervisory and management roles need to ensure these tasks are always upheld.

Consider the Abilities of Each Team Member

Another important step in team building is to keep in mind the abilities, strengths and weaknesses of each member. All employees should be able to successfully fulfill their given responsibilities in a timely, effective manner. If an employee has difficulty with a specific task, it should be modified or an equal task substituted in its place. This allows employees to perform to the best of their ability without sacrificing their overall role within the group dynamic.


Meetings and seminars that encourage and build teamwork are a great way to create a solid group dynamic. These team building seminars, can be engaging and fun, serve to build a sense of camaraderie between employees. Employees are able to get to know one another and in the process, know more about their company and the role they serve within it. Learning about effective teamwork skills and developing upon the potential strengths of each employee through these seminars is a great way of developing teamwork skills.

Engage in Effective Conflict Resolution

In any business, employees can and will find themselves coming into conflict with one another. Whether its a group engaging in cliquish behavior or a pair of workers that just can't stand each other, it is important to mediate these disputes. The best solution is to have employees and management create a culture of proactive solution as opposed to playing the blame game. Encourage group members be able to speak with one another respectfully in rather small disputes. In more severe cases, either management or human resources team should address and resolve these disputes.

Develop Positive Coping Methods

Everyone has a life outside the business. Whether it’s dealing with a sick family member or battling personal issues, it’s not uncommon for team members to 'bring their problems' into the workplace. It is important to develop a caring atmosphere in which employees feel heard and validated. Whether its counseling services that lend an ear or maintaining an aura of a 'business family' within an environment, positive coping methods should encourage team members to strive to be their best even when things are at their worst.

Teamwork is a valuable asset in any company or business. With these team building tips, there can indeed be strength in numbers that will ultimately serve to improve efficiency and environment. Be sure to create the 'we' in team.



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Wednesday, 11 December 2019
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