Strategy equals growth

We've said it before: We have a strategy deficit on this island. Indigenous businesses do not grow, because of the lack of strategy. Look at the proof; count the number of truly international household names we have? We can't blame the recession because they didn't grow during the boom years either; property development companies don't count!

Cut your nose to spite your face

We see 2 reasons for this. First, we don't like giving up control or giving away equity. So we don't bring in the management teams needed to drive strategy and step up growth.

Seeing the wood from the trees

And we're tactical. We take a short term view. Look at our politicians; they're reflective of us. As such, we work 'in' the business on operational issues not 'on' the business 'on' strategic issues. No strategy = No growth.

One small step. One giant leap.

Entering the Business Achievers is one small step towards building a strategy for your business. Enter other awards and take more steps on the journey towards building a sustainable strategy. Take some time out every few months to review your model and you might be taking that giant strategy leap that could lead to serious growth.

We've helped design the business achievers so that you can take some time out and work on your strategy. The application will tease out  your strategy - if you have one. The networking events will put you in contact with the main enterprise support agencies that will help inform your strategy.


You have 2 ways of entering. First, you can apply online. Second, you can download and save a pdf version of the application.

Don't write too much

If you're organised, the online should take 20-30 minutes max…if it's more than that, you're writing too much! You cannot save the online form in the middle of the application: If you leave it, the information will not be saved!

Everyone's a winner

We also have blogs here on the various categories, techniques for filling in the form and the myriad of reasons for entering.

But do you know what our top tip is; Don't worry about winning. Use the process to stand back and take a helicopter view of your business. Look at strategy. Look at where your business is now. Examine where you want to take it. Figure out how you're going to get there. Use the opportunity to spend a couple of hours working and reworking your strategy. Because without a clear strategy, you could end up just doing busy work and getting nowhere fast!

If you need help

Contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We're happy to talk through the application and discuss your business model and strategy and how it should be presented.



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Friday, 19 July 2019
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