Storage Solutions for Small Businesses

If you are a small business or just setting up, you may not have a large budget. If you are just getting established running your business from home but are not ready to commit to renting office or warehouse space, the most economical way to function in those early days is to rent a self storage unit. You can keep your office tidy and minimalist by storing items which are not regularly needed in a unit near to your offices. If you choose your storage company carefully, advantages can include the following –

  • Good security policies. 24hr security should be sought from any reliable storage company. Most companies will include CCTV, a night watchman and alarm system.
  • No minimum contract, meaning if you underestimate the space you need you can easily upgrade to a larger unit or alternatively you can cancel at any time if self storage is not working for you.
  • Flexible access and even 24hr access in some cases.
  • A variety of storage choices from small lockers to 250 sq ft units.
  • Varying packages and contracts are often available. You may be able to get units at cheaper prices if you agree to stay a minimum term.
Ideas and advantages Still need paper archives? You may have archive paper documents which you need to keep hold of for several years. Rather than have these taking up space in your office, keep them in your self storage unit so they are not taking up valuable space. You can always scan them into your computer aswell if you need a copy to hand.

Buy in bulk If you are running an office based business and you have left over space in your unit, why not buy your office supplies in bulk to save costs? If you are thinking of setting up an eCommerce business from home but don’t have the room for stock, a self store unit is the perfect solution due to relatively low running costs. This will also allow for larger quantity purchases which will always result in lower unit prices Established business considerations If you are looking to cut costs in your established business, your first step could be to look at your working environment. If you are paying extortionate amounts for your rented office, take a look at if you have taken on somewhere which is too large for the size of your business at this current stage, or if it is too expensive for your budget. Why not consider downsizing and putting all items which are not often used into storage. Self storage space is a much cheaper alternative to upgrading to a larger office space or warehouse. If you have not got the budget for somewhere larger but are running out of space, this may be the perfect solution at a much cheaper rate. You also do not have extra bills to pay such as utilities or council tax.

Share the cost with another company You could make a saving by offering to share your unit with another business and split the costs. This means you will only be paying half the price. If you have a good business relationship with another company and can come to an agreement, this may work out to be a viable option.

Bio – blog contribution from ABC Selfstore



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Thursday, 22 August 2019
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