Staying Sane While Job-Searching

The process of job-hunting can be long, frustrating and often disheartening, and there are times when you may feel as if your efforts are worth it.

But whilst it may be frustrating at times, it’s very important to not let yourself get too down in the dumps about it.

Keeping yourself healthy in both body and mind can help ease any depression caused by the daily routine of applications; CV tweaks and long hours spent on the phone to an employer or online recruitment company.

Here are a few ideas of how to keep active during the job-hunting process:

  • Take a walk
When you’re feeling a little low after a morning of applications, some fresh air and exercise can help to clear your head and help keep your body fit, whether it’s a stroll round the park or taking a day off to just have a wander.
  • Get on your bike
Alternatively, if you’ve a bicycle sat there gathering dust, it can be worth giving it a clean and getting out on it every so often.

Cycling is a great all-round exercise and there are a number of cycle-friendly locations around the country just waiting to be explored.

  • Teach yourself something
Learning new skills, or indeed building on your current ones can help keep your mind active in between those long periods of agency phone calls and applications.

Make time to try something new, such as cooking or a craft in amongst the applications in order to keep your mind active.

Alternatively, if you’ve a hobby that you’re passionate about, such as drawing or making music, make time for these to keep yourself from getting too low during the process.

Try using your hobbies as rewards for a morning’s applications, scheduling yourself in for sending out CVs in the morning and then treating yourself to something that you enjoy as a reward for your hard work.

Allowing yourself breaks in the job-hunting routine is essential for keeping active, so if you’ve been spending the morning sending out applications and phoning round recruitment companies leave yourself some time for yourself and to keep your mind active.

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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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