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Job designation such as a “Startup Owner” may sound fantastic to many but actually it’s a 24/7 job that comes with  hectic situations and frustrations being caused by various reasons, which multiplies by 2x if you have an application as a product that helps users in some way. In this post we look at some startup tools that can help you on your way to success.

One of the main reasons why a startup owner may face tough situations could be due to the problems that may arise during the development phase of the application. Besides, there are financiers’ expectations and once the application is launched, you have to get your hands dirty with user experience, satisfaction and their expectations’ fulfillment.

In this tough and constantly challenging situation, it’s impossible for them to keep a track of everything unless they have some tools and apps that may assist them in managing and speeding up their work.

In the following article, I am going to list down the tools and apps that startup owners must have in order to keep track of everything and run the errands efficiently.

Pre-development Phase

Below is a list of applications that start up owners should have in order to stay ahead of everything in terms of managing a team, keeping oneself updated with industry news and more. Not necessarily for the startup owners only, but feedly is a kind of tool that is helpful for anyone who frequently reads internet blogs, magazines and newspapers and wants to stay updated with  every news pertaining to  the industry.

For startup owners, it is important to stay up-to-date with all the new happenings in the app world as well as the niche that they are targeting and Feedly can help them do the same in minutes.

Before the application development phase, there is a complete round of crazy sessions including the idea development, brainstorming of ideas and more. In case you need to share these product development ideas as files over the Internet, it might turn out to be a little difficult sharing them on emails. This dropbox (alternate options could be box and Google Drive) utility can be very effective as this allows people to share one file with multiple users without sending emails, etc. This is an amazing tool that cannot only be used in the pre-development phase but it can help one throughout the entire project. This tool helps you communicate with the team members who are either in-house or virtually working for you.

Under-Development Phase

In the following paragraphs, I am going to discuss the tools that you need when you are developing your application, a website for it and more. This is a very important tool that almost every startup owner should use so that they can create multiple landing pages of their website and see which version is working well and which does not interact better with the audience.

Startup owners should have this tool so that they can gauge the performance of their marketing website in terms of how it is going to interact with the target audience and how they will respond to it.

Another tool that should be owned by the startup owners is Trello. This helps them divide the work amongst different departments and keep a track of it on real time basis. This is actually an ideal tool for developers; however, if the startup owner is technically sound, s/he can double check if there are any security issues within the application.

Most of the applications are usually being launched without a proper check, and therefore, a number of security and code issues are detected in the later stage. This tool helps you get rid of all the problems before the actual application is being launched.

Beta Testing Phase

Google Analytics allows you to track the visitors of your website and learn more details about the web traffic that is visiting the website and the application itself.

This is an important tool for startup owners as this helps them understand the audience of the website, on the basis of which, they can perform tweaks and make other business decisions.

Cyfe is a marketing and CRM dashboard that allows startup owners to keep a track of the whole project under one roof. Tout App is another important tool that not only helps you in the beta testing phase but it would also help the business once the application is being launched.

Tout App tells you what happens after you send the email to your preferred beta testing list. ToutApp also keeps you posted about details as in when people open your emails and click on the links. It helps you provide customized follow-up, either through another email or a phone call.

After the Final Launch

This is an email marketing tool that allows you to send customize email to your email list and see how they are interacting with the website and the application.

This tool is great not only to see how your list is reacting to your emails but it also helps you interact with your team more efficiently.

This app   helps you schedule your social media messages and sends them at a time when your target audience is found to be active. Buffer also keeps a track of how your audience is interacting with your social messages. Mention is another important tool for the startup owners once they launch the app. Mention keeps a check on the web and sends you an email if someone mentions your application with the name somewhere, so that you can respond to it accordingly.

There are several apps being available in the industry but the above-mentioned ones are a few that can help startup owners keep track of the whole project and allow them to stay up to date with everything during the entire development process.

Are you a startup owner? Are you using any other applications and tools that help you work more efficiently? Please share with us in the comments section.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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