Startup Marketing - A Guide for 2018


Startups are facing a tough competition and difficult business environment from day one and it’s important for them to have a comprehensive marketing strategy in place. This doesn’t always require hiring expensive professionals or having access to high-end equipment. Most of the time a startup can be marketed successfully with minimal resources.

The key to having a lucrative marketing campaign is to know who the target audience is and how to reach them. The first part requires startup creators to do some research and if needed change their business in order to fit the market. Reaching the right audience, however, is a bit harder and that’s where the marketing team can prove its value.


Using videos to promote your business can prove to be a good way to reach a younger demographic and stay connected with more than any other marketing channel.  Young people spend a surprising amount of time watching video content online and this can be a great way to make your company a part of their day-to-day lives.

At the same time, this is one of the least expensive ways to promote a company now when almost everyone can make a professional-like video with their phone. It also allows you to take the customers behind the scene and showcase the business in a new way.


Online communities are usually organized, moved, and inspired by only a handful of influential individuals. These don’t have to be famous or even well-known people outside of the community. Using the services of these influencers to promote a company can prove to be the easiest and the most effective way to promote a company.

The most difficult part of such a deal is deciding how open you will be about it with the customers. Sometimes it’s best to be honest and let the customers know that an influencer is on your payroll. This shouldn’t compromise their credibility if it’s done in a graceful way.

Promotional products

Many businesses shy away from using promotional products because they seem outdated in a world of social media and AI customer services. However, it would be wrong to do so, since these products can be a very effective marketing tool.

Something as simple as promotional hats, mugs or USB drives can be passed around by thousands of people every day and it can be a simple way to make your company known, especially if you’re still trying to establish a brand.

B2B marketing

The first year in particular can be very challenging to a small startup because there are always costs you haven’t counted on. This is why it’s imperative to diversify income sources and have a backup plan that will keep the company afloat even if things don’t always go as you’ve planned. One of the ways of doing this is to offer some of your services to your competitors directly and thus always have a steady source of income.

Business to business marketing efforts is usually less expensive than those that target wider audiences because they focus on smaller publications and events. However, they also require a message that’s oriented toward those who understand the industry inside out.


Quite a lot of customers will visit your site without making a purchase. This is true for all businesses but is especially the case for new startups. Customers that do so aren’t lost and it pays off to go after them and try to form a relationship. This is where remarketing comes in.

Remarketing is best done via e-mail, because this is both less expensive and a better channel to help the customers reconsider your offer. It isn’t enough to rally on the algorithm to find the most reluctant customers – you’re still going to need a well-written copy.

There’s a lot of creative ways to make your startup stand out and be noticed in a crowd of others. They all need to be based on who your customers are and what their concerns about the company are.

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