Starting a coffee shop business

Have you dreamt about starting a coffee shop business but not sure where to start? I would like to offer you tips that will help you when starting out. These tips include cosmetic details and marketing so they will help your shop look amazing and let people know about it!


It may sound obvious but you are going to need furniture for your coffee shop. The counter is vital as it includes space to show off your delicious cakes, sandwiches and snacks as well as space to serve the customer. You’ll also need tables and chairs if you are have the space to let your customers eat and drink in. Sofas are great as they will let your customers unwind and enjoy their drinks and food. Or you could try adding a bar for your customers to sit at for a quick convenient coffee in a busy working day.


It depends what style you are going for but a traditional coffee shop adds a warm and cosy feeling or a shabby chic style makes the place feel homely and welcoming. You could try a minimalist style but that would only work if you have plenty of floor space and paint the walls a light colour. Kelly’s Attic in Sussex has some unique and stylish furniture pieces.

Colour schemes are great at making the place feel a certain way. Red can be quite threatening as it signals danger but used in a delicate way such as cushions and coffee mugs could add an air of romance to your shop. Green is meant to be a very relaxing colour, how about a teal or turquoise colour? If you are going for a feminine cupcake style shop, it has to be pink and purple. Black and grey accessories will give a technology, state of the art vibe.

Cash Tills

Again another obvious and basic need in a business but you will need to make sure you have suitable cash tills. A touch screen is good if your staff are trained to use it quickly or you could get an old-fashioned one for that traditional style. You could have a till with option buttons and allocate each to a product if you don’t want a touch screen but want something more up to date then one that just adds up for you. Whichever you chose, make sure it’s reliable and fast so you can serve your customers promptly. Visit Cash Tills Direct for cash tills and registers to hire or purchase.


Marketing includes word of mouth, flyers, posters and adverts in local newspapers and magazines. Advertise to your target audience in places they regularly access. If you are based at a train station, make sure you are advertisements appeal to commuters by targeting their needs such as hunger and thirst after a long journey.

Social media is a great platform to promote your business. Create a Facebook and Twitter page for your business and get the word out there. Get friends and family to share it too and get customers to leave positive reviews. Link your followers to your website to promote your products and entice them with special offers, deals or loyalty cards.

So there you have it, top tips to help your coffee shop business. I hope they work for you and please leave feedback if they help or if you think there’s room for improvement.



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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