Start Writing Copy With These 2 Tips

Start Writing Copy With These 2 Tips

So you discovered this new skill called copywriting. What exactly is it?

Is it copyright-ing? Nope.

Copywriting is the skill used to write ads.

Believe it or not, all the large billboards and newspaper ads were written by professional ad writers.

If you operate a small business or thinking about starting one, copywriting is one of the best skills to start learning immediately.

While most business people emphasize on the need to hone your sales skills, copywriting translates that salesmanship into words that you can use to market your product or service – 24/7.

This post serves to provide the basics and essentials you need to start practicing.

Let’s begin.

1. Headlines

The title of your ad is the headline.

The headline only serves one purpose – to get the reader to read the rest of the ad.

How to write an effective headline?

Think R.O.T.

Results. Objections. Time.

Your headline can be in ROT or RTO.

But make sure the Result comes first as that is what customers are looking for.


Think very clearly what does your customer want to achieve with this product or service?

If you are offering gym memberships, it depends on who you are selling to.

For men, there are those who want to lose weight and those want to get jacked.

For women, it would be a bikini body or to fit in their high school jeans.

Let’s assume its weight loss and we targeting men.

It would be LOSE WEIGHT.

(Try to use precise numbers if possible, let’s use 27 pounds)


In sales, there are bound to be rejections and objections to whatever you are selling or claiming.

Since we are claiming that the service can make you LOSE WEIGHT, think about the common objections you would hear people say about this.

It could be – too much work, not enough time, I love food too much, I tried different exercise program but it didn’t work, etc.

Identify the key objection to your demographic and use that.

Since we are using men for this example, we will pick I LOVE FOOD TOO MUCH.


Be time specific as to how fast they can achieve their goals.

If you have found that your gym membership generally gets results in 3 months, you can use that as the time promise.

So to put it together, it would be:


Experiment with this format to start.

2. Benefits Over Features.

Apple got it so right with this one.

While Samsung and other Android phone makers were touting processor and RAM specs, Apple was focusing on the things you can do with their iPhone.

Who cares if your camera is F/1.8 aperture?

I just want to take a picture at night.

You should always LEAD with the benefits and the features later.

If you were shopping for a new car (assuming you are not a car enthusiast), you are mostly concerned with the safety, reliability and fuel efficiency of the car.

Would you care so much if it the seat belt was made out of South African leather?
Or that the engine has 8 cylinders?

You wouldn’t.

You’d rather hear that all your friends who bought the car didn’t have problems with it till 3 years later.

You’d rather hear about the time a tree fell on that same model but the family was fine without a scratch.

Identify the benefits of your product or service and sell on that.

Once you get their attention, then they would actually be interested in the features.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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