Start-up Story: VideoAgora

Ah, 'The Rich List'; the annual supplement which, eighteen years ago, had a young lad of just sixteen trawling through the who's who of 'old' and 'new' money in Ireland and Britain. Sitting in the 'reading seat' pulled close to the sitting room window, circles would be drawn around the barons of Industry, with the showbiz 'rich and famous' entertainers ignored.

Fifth year in Oatlands College, Mount Merrion, South County Dublin, and in the early months of the Leaving Cert cycle. Business Studies and Economics were chosen over Science; - I hadn't at that stage heard of too many rich scientists. It was in one of the Economics classes that I decided that I wanted to work in business and aspired to be a captain of industry. By the end of the class, I had a number of potential company names scrawled on the notepad alongside numerous doodles as I daydreamed of success - Keynes was ignored that day.

Business opportunity

It has taken me this long to develop the business opportunity that just feels right. Having managed a number of marketing campaigns for different companies (working for others and in consultancy roles), I could see how custom web based video was becoming more important for communication, marketing, training and organic search engine optimisation. The more I looked into it, the more I could see that there were few companies offering low cost video services which would enable SME'S to easily create effective custom video content and help market their product or service. There were also very few video 'software as a service solutions' that were simple to use and low cost where people could get a decent bit of custom video content together for a fair price. I had the research done, I had the small, medium and large business test clients in the bag but there was a missing ingredient in launching the brand; confidence to finally just 'go for it'.

Inspired by 'Rich Lists'

A few months ago, I finally cleared out the last belongings from my family childhood home - having moved out many years ago, it took me up to now to finally clear out giant drawers in the attic (tin whistles, sports day medals, a childhood tooth, old college assignments, love letters (not that many) and other bits and bobs. It was in the bottom drawer that I found a number of 'Rich Lists' from those early years ago and the piece of paper with my hand written company name on it. I was transported back into the classroom and to the youthful enthusiasm for entrepreneurship (in those days, you'd only hear the word entrepreneur associated with Richard Branson). While the company name I wrote all those years back didn't see the light of day, I felt then I could take on anyone and anything and make a huge success of it. I wondered where did that youthful enthusiasm go and how I could recapture ALL of it again. The answer was simple - it was by putting myself back in my sixteen year-old self but this time around, throwing in the bucket loads of experiences, good and bad, and a dash of clarity and insight.

About enables anyone to order a custom whiteboard video, 2D Animated video, software / website demo video or motion graphics video with prices starting at just a few hundred. VideoAgora provide the script, storyboard, production, professional voiceover and background music. Whiteboard videos are the most popular for communicating a message clearly. are soon to launch a video template service whereby people can customise business marketing videos or sales videos with their own text and select background music - all for under a hundred, you'll be able to customise a video with your logo, add your unique selling points and your contact details and use this to help drive awareness of your brand or product. "it will be a great way for thousands of companies to dip their toe into video and realise its benefits" according to VideoAgora CEO; Paul O'Dwyer. "We foresee companies using a combination of customised template videos and custom videos created by our video Agency as part of their marketing and social media strategies as once they see the return on their first video they'll want more and more".



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Monday, 15 July 2019
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