Start-Up Story: TeamStory

"I've got an idea for an app!"…oh brother…

Yes, against our better judgements we have decided to throw our (decidedly burnt) hands into the furnace of app development.

Why punish ourselves, you might rightly ask, when there is more than a billion apps in the App Store alone? With more and more crawling out from every hole in the digital woodwork everyday? Apps for this, apps for that, there's even an app for somehow gauging your sexual performance…wait, what??

Well, we want to take a new path. (even if it's not the path less traveled)

Taking a New Direction

Up to this point in our startup existence, we have earned our bread by designing all kinds of websites for many different types clients. Our startup JamJo has been busily tinkering away in the workshop of WordPress web design for a few years now. We design, build, host and support websites for the good folks that will have us. We love doing that and will continue to provide a great service in that area. With this new venture, though, we'll move the compass needle in a slightly new direction.

Truth be told, it's not that we just want to build an app. It's more to do with broadening our horizons, learning a few new skills, hone some existing ones and meet some interesting folks along the way.

We've already met this interesting chap, a brilliant developer in his own right from Vancouver (Geography be damned!) and he's given us a few pointers on what not to do before we do anything. He's advice has already proven valuable. He said "You’re focusing on the solution too much, when you should be focused on the problem". He meant, of course, that we should be doing more research into what exactly we are trying to solve. He said validate your idea as much as you possibly can.

What is TeamStory?

So what exactly is this damnable app idea anyways? Well, we gave it the title "TeamStory". And it will solve most of humanities current woes right from your phone. Well, not exactly, but it might serve to improve at least one challenge we have experienced personally.

Namely, that of meeting the right people to work with on shared projects. These projects could be anything really. Starting a small business for example, creating a support group to help people in your community, kicking off a local sports team, starting a band, creating a charity, sharing a hobby, you name it.

And note I say the "right" people. Meeting people is easy. (as Thom York would lie) But meeting the right people is a decidedly different affair altogether. And we all know that meeting the right people, the synergy, the good stuff, is the make or break of our lofty ideas and creations.

We've met plenty of great folks on our startup journey with JamJo. And many of which we stay in regular contact with. But when it comes to specific projects, that require people with specific skills, we've found our odds of finding the right-fit people are low.

We'd usually rely on the following (as I'm sure many of you do too)

  1. An existing business network
  2. Close network of friends and family
  3. Internet searches and social sites like LikedIn, Twitter etc.
You can’t argue with this; putting the right people together yields very sweet fruits indeed and we believe in increasing the odds of getting these people together allowing for shared future success.

The Right People

As venture capitalist and avid blogger Fred Wilson says:
"Building product is not about having a large team to manage. It is about having a small team with the right people on it."
So the challenge is on for TeamStory. The journey begins here. Our story so to speak. (excuse the lame pun!).

PS: We have devised a survey to help us more accurately move forward on TeamStory. It only takes a minute or two if you've got the time. It would help us greatly! You’ll find the survey through the link below:

Take the 2 minute survey and we’ll be forever grateful! :)



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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