Start-up Story: Salt Therapy Ireland

Opened in February 2012, Salt Therapy Ireland has been providing an alternative treatment to improve the symptoms of people suffering with respiratory related issues and dermatological issues. Following extensive research into the treatment and its benefits Colleen felt this would be an important service to provide in the area. “ COPD and respiratory issues are one of the leading causes of illness and death world wide, it is important to do all we can to reduce this statistic and improve the quality of life for those who do suffer from respiratory problems.

About Salt Therapy

The concept originated in back in1843 after a physician observed the remarkably low incidence of respiratory conditions in salt mine workers who were regularly exposed to air saturated with saline dust, the concept of speleotherapy or Salt Therapy as it is better known today, was born.

More recently, research published in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that salt inhalation was a highly effective respiratory therapy. Our room brings the natural benefits of a salt mine while taking the benefits one step further to provide the ideal concentration of dry sodium chloride aerosol to treat your specific condition. At Salt Therapy we use the latest technology to crush pharmaceutical grade salt grains into small particles. These particles reach into the nose and throat area, while even smaller particles can penetrate deep into the lungs. The walls and floor of the salt room at Salt Therapy Ireland are covered with natural salt, which attracts water molecules, this helps to maintain a sterile, anti bacterial and negative ion environment throughout the whole session. Our air exchange system ensures that after each treatment the air is completely extracted and replenished.

The beauty of Salt Therapy is that it is 100% natural and can act as a complementary therapy to your existing medication. Many people fear salt for it’s many disadvantages, but this treatment does not have those effects. With Salt Therapy, the medical grade salt affects your respiratory system and not your stomach, heart or kidneys. Also, the concentration of salt is much less than that of our daily-recommended allowance 0.5-10 mg/m3 compared to 6.0g. Therefore, the amount of Salt entering your respiratory system is extremely low. Salt entering the respiratory system kills bacteria, reduces inflammation, opens passageways and loosens mucus.

The concept of Salt Therapy is very simple yet very effective. In the same manner that many of us would suggest a trip to the beach for some good sea air Colleen suggests a trip to Salt Therapy Ireland.

What to expect 

Colleen Harte, owner of Salt Therapy Ireland tells us what we should expect during our time there, “Here you will spend one hour relaxing in our recliner style chairs. You are free to read a book or magazine or listen to our tranquil music and drift off to sleep. Our machine grinds the salt and disperses it into the air, which gives it a hazy atmosphere. You then simply sit back and breathe. You will immediately notice you can taste the salt and some say they can feel it as deep as their lungs. It’s as easy as that. Many people worry about what to wear but you simply come as you are and we provide mitts to cover your shoes.”

“We understand everyone is different and so some people may feel they need to use the treatment more than others, this is why we offer one month packages where you can use it as much or as little as you feel is right for you. Generally at the start we suggest trying to come up to 3 times a week in the first two weeks to kick-start the treatment and to help clear your symptoms that bit quicker. We have clinics which run 7 days per week for both adults and children.”

“We are very proud of and confident in the service we provide here at Salt Therapy Ireland and we want everyone to feel the benefits for themselves, which is why we are delighted to offer the first treatment for free. “

We have lots more information on our website including testimonials from our clients and frequently asked questions, alternatively we welcome those who are interested to give us a call and we can tell them everything the need to know.

Written by Colleen Harte. For more information visit

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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