Start-up Story: QRVO

QRVO, Quick Response Voice Over, is a simple, innovative and effective Information Channel.

Customers simple scan a QRVO code, using Smart Phone or Mobile device. There is no URL, no password and no delay. The content is provided nearly immediately. The content is introduced by a short voice introduction that enables a wide choice of information. The content can be a web link, a special offer, token directions, product, service or event information, a call to action, and be presented in text, graphic or video.

Most mobile devices now have inbuilt scanners for instant activation.

The original QR code was originally designed, as an industrial tool by Toyota subsidiary, for use in car assemble operations.

QRVO is re-engineered with a 30 second voice over and can be combined with Analytics, to monitor use, and an optional link with Social Network campaigns.

The code is Alpha Numeric barcode, with high digital capacity and high speed overlaid with voice introduction.

The QRVO business is to provide a simple, effective, customer engagement, in either a B to B or B to C environment and to do so in a variety of applications.

The Client controls the content and the deployment. The Analytics allows for evaluation for a specific campaign. Content, but not the graphic, can be changed to match changing market condition. QRVO codes can include Calls to Action, Special offers, directions and can be deployed on outgoing emails, conventional signage and publications, packaging, beer mats and receipts. QRVO codes can be included in Social Network campaigns. An entire e-zine can be presented on a Key Ring?

The QRVO is intended to be simple, customer friendly, innovative and transparent.

Why we started

Communications most be the most engaging global activity. Yet there are emerging challenges. There is a growing concern about personal data, there are privacy issues. Some suggest that it is the means and delivery of content, rather than the content that is the priority.

QRVO was originally designed to be non-invasive, simple to use, and to provide a multi functional, multi purpose information gateway. The operational objective is fundamental, deliver image, impact and information. The original QR is a proven technology, Analytics is an established monitoring tool, the professionally recorded voice over is consumer friendly.

There is potential to exploit a niche in Advertising , Branding and Promotion sectors. The Product line up envisages a Standard QRVO code for long term application.

Where do we see it going

The QRVO code has an application in nearly every business section. The content and deployment is determined by the client. The client can respond quickly to changes in the marketplace. This can drive the demand for further opportunities. The logical development is to build a robust business model to embrace and deliver a wide range of applications. This will also include an up skilling in Digital Marketing.

Future regulatory requirements in the food sector may prompt a need for additional promotional information in a smaller space. (QRVO can provide good food video information on packaging). There is a need for integration in the current media landscape.

What is happening or needs to happen for it to grow

We need education and awareness to drive use. We need user champions to support and use QRVO. The hard slog of acceptance and evaluation is underway. We need comment , criticism and advice from all and sundry. This process will allow us to fine-tune a battle ready business model.

What we have learned

Deafness, dedication determination and advice. Look to the stupidly simple, not super sophisticated.

Tips for other businesspeople starting out

Ask, ask, ask anyone for comment and advice. Research. Seek out Open Coffee mornings, Innovation Hubs, Tea Drinking Forums or Market reports.

Written by John Moran. For more information visit 

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Monday, 22 July 2019
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