Start-up Story: Jyrobike

Jyrobike is a cycling tech start-up located in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We design and manufacture Auto Balance Bicycles for children to help them experience the joy and freedom of riding a bicycle.

The Jyrobike is a unique and exceptional invention with the potential to revolutionise the cycling market. Based on patented technology, the Jyrobike Control Hub provides gyroscopic balance to riders meaning that the bike doesn’t tip and wobble at low speeds. This means that kids can learn to ride a bike in a single afternoon, and that people who may be prevented from riding a regular bike due to balance issues will be able to ride.

The Control Hub is built on the principle that a spinning, motor driven flywheel inside the front wheel of a bicycle will allow the bike to remain upright and balanced even at low speeds. This is due to the gyroscopic precession force which generates enough spin to resist the lean of the bike.

When learners are able to focus on pedalling and steering and not worry about balance, they are able to learn to ride very quickly. The Control Hub can be remotely adjusted too, increasing or decreasing the amount of balance support offered by the Control Hub as necessary. This method of learning does not teach any bad habits that must be unlearned later, as some other methods do.


Jyrobike is being developed by a team of engineers based in Northern Ireland and the US. Our NI team lead the R&D process Jyrobike, as we prepare to get ready to launch via Kickstarter in June.

The original invention was created as part of a student project at the Dartmouth School of Engineering, and the first prototype won the Break Through Award from Popular Mechanics. Rob saw the potential of the technology and acquired the intellectual property in October 2013.


Rob secured the first round of seed funding in November 2013, through a range of “Dragon’s Den” style events. This was a combination of private angel investors and Co-Fund NI, a £16 million equity fund set up by the Northern Ireland government which co-invests with business angel/private investor-led deals.

This first funding was used primarily to invest in R&D and market research, ensuring that our products are as innovative and high-quality as possible. The R&D process has included working with postgraduate students at the University of Twente in the Netherlands to optimise the design of the Jyrobike, and our market research has explored ways through which we can bring Jyrobike to as many audiences as possible.

Our Kickstarter goal is to raise $100,000 in pre-orders which will be used to finance the first production orders, and to invest in further R&D for new models and enhancements to the existing technology.

You can keep up to date with the Jyrobike journey at and Facebook page. Join us as we bring Jyrobike to the world!

Written by Chris Lee. 

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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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