Start-up Story: ArtNouv

Artnouv converts your memories into handmade commissioned oil on canvas paintings. We do this at reasonable prices, therefore making art more accessible to all. We also support upcoming artists with providing them with a free online gallery for their work.

Art is like wine, in our opinion. One doesn't always know what is a good investment or not but one always knows what they like or don't like. So if art was affordable (ie, you define how much you want to spend) and exactly what you wanted, then it becoming an investment is a bonus. An art is to to enjoyed everyday and with reasonable prices, it is a lot more accessible to all.

Where do we see our small business going

We see massive markets with parents, wedding couples, pet owners and hobbyists. Another big market that we have seen, sadly, is memorials. People want art and with almost every single person having THAT special moment (the ArtNouv moment) in their lives, images they like, images that inspire, anyone with €200 to spare can now own an original painting. In other words, massive opportunity!

What is happening or needs to happen for our small business to grow

Unfortunately, people perceive art to be expensive! And therefore, they don't even look for it too often. We need to reach the masses on a very limited budget- always tricky! We need all the support we can get in helping us spread the word :)

What we have learned

1. It's tougher than you imagine it is going to be 2. It's a lot more fun than you imagine it is going to be 3. Even though people love the concept, it takes a while to get the ball rolling

Tips for other businesspeople starting out

1. Do not wait to get it perfect- you are wasting your time, tweak as you go along 2. Ask, ask, ask for help- you need it, there's no ego in it and you really don't know were it may come from! [box] You can share your story too! [button color="#009933" button link=""]Submit Your Start-up Story[/button] [/box]



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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