Spotlight Anne Marie Foran; stop talking about it and just do it!

After many, many years of relentlessly talking about setting up my own PR Company, I finally stopped all the talking and just did it.   Back in 2010 I had a successful position as the Head of Irish PR for L’Oreal Luxury, whose brands included Lancome, Armani, YSL, Ralph Lauren and many more.   However that ‘old reliable niggling voice’ kept popping up saying, “you have always dreamt of running your own agency”.

Business plan

After drawing up a business plan, doing an audit of my personal finances, speaking to a few close friends in the media who lend their backing and most importantly, with my husband’s 100% support, I set up AM Foran PR in October 2010 as a full service Public Relations Agency for clients in the Consumer & Lifestyle Sector.

Was I mad?

Some people questioned me setting up a business at the very heart of the recession, but I used this to my advantage – it made me want the business to succeed even more.   I had the experience, the drive and the contacts and this pushed me to work hard.   From two small projects within the first few weeks in 2010  -to today - where I have secured globally recognised brands and quadrupled my business, it has proved I made the right decision.


Add to that, having had a gorgeous baby boy 8 months ago, and making the decision not to take any maternity leave, but to juggle both; I am proof that opening a small business can be a success – as long as you are willing to work hard and to block out any negative thoughts.

What are my 3 tips for budding entrepreneurs?

Believe in yourself 

Family & friends are there to support you, but in the end, if you do not believe in yourself – you will not succeed.  Give yourself a pat on the back when things go your way, but equally when they don’t and you tried your way best anyway.  Not everything will fall into your lap but a belief that you can do it will always win over those negative thoughts.

Work Hard

If hard work and lots of challenges are not for you, then setting up a business might not be your best option.  Hard work, diligence, long hours and believing in your self will reap the rewards - but you have to make that commitment.

Remember why you set up your business in the first place

If you were trying to create a better work / life balance; if you were hoping to have flexible hours; if you wanted to be your own boss; if you wanted to see your books on a shelf or your designs in a shop – whatever your intention was at the start, remember to continually look back at this.  If you focus back on all the positives you had envisioned for yourself, you will more than likely face that Monday morning with determination once more.

For a full client list and/or information about AM Foran PR

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Friday, 19 July 2019
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