Sport and your B2B Relationships

Being a mass market activity sport is often look on primarily for its power as a consumer marketing tool.

Often overlooked though is how a sprinkling of stardust can make a huge difference in business to business relationships.

Padraig Harrington has signed a long term endorsement deal with Clune Construction, a large interior construction company based in the US.

The deal works on a number of levels, one of which is branding for Clune but equally if not more important are the CSR and pure B2B benefits the Irish heritage business can derive.

Harrington wore the Clune brand on his shirt last season as part of a three week initiative raising money for different charities and his own foundation.

Clune Construction has offices across the US and lists major companies like MicrosoftPwCKPMGDeloitte and Goldman Sachs on its roster of clients.  The company said yesterday that apart from wearing the brand on his shirt, Harrington would also participate in a number of special golf related company events.

Clune operates in a sector where one single project could repay the value of the sponsorship deal and has obviously looked on golf as being a strong connector with its clients.

Harrington was the first Irishman to win an event on the US PGA Tour when he lifted the Honda Classic and over the next three years was to add three major titles and rise to a carrier high of sixth in the world rankings.

At the age of 41 he is committed to maintaining a strong playing schedule but is also concentrating on charitable work, an area where the relationship with Clune is likely to fit.

“We are excited about this partnership and glad to be a part of the Harrington team, which includes his active charitable foundation,” said Michael Clune.

“Padraig’s brand values match up well with ours, and we think he will be a respected and valuable ambassador for us as he competes around the world. Our organisation is also  thrilled that Padraig has agreed to join with our company for several golf-related special events this year.”

Not everyone can afford Padraig Harrington but such is the strong hold that sport has over our consciousness here in Ireland that a similar lift can be achieved by partnering with a host of sporting stars or organisations.

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Friday, 19 July 2019
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