Solution to Issues Related to Poor Lead Conversions — Powerful Tips to Sales Success!

Every business works hard to generate leads and increase sales from its targeted audience. An organization needs to have the right sales strategy in place for it to succeed in attracting leads. These “leads” need to be converted into “sales” with promotion, advertising and marketing techniques. It is here that the sales team has a vital role to play. They should be proactive, enthusiastic and driven to convince present and potential customers to buy the product or service offered.

Simple yet powerful tips for successful lead conversion

Now the question is — how can a business convert leads effectively into sales? Businesses work hard to figure this question out before they train their sales team. One of the most effective ways to increase the sales of a business is to create a website. The good news is that making a landing page for a business website does not mean you have to forego a lot of money or time. The following are some simple techniques that not only drive lead conversions but also improve the goodwill of the business.

  1. Contact Details: The consumer looks for a website that he/she can trust. Leaving a contact number invokes credibility. When the consumer browses through the website, he/she knows that the business exists in real. Leaving a contact number of the business also increases the integrity of the business. Some of the customers might not even call, but the presence of a contact number does provide them with comfort.
  2. Lead generation forms: Businesses should post lead generation forms on every page of their website. Customers visiting the website will notice them. However, they may not be willing to give out their personal details on the first step itself. Businesses may have to form headings like “get a free quote” or “avail offer now” and ask for basic information. For example, if the business is a moving company, it can ask customers to fill in the moving date, delivery area etc. Here, the customer will not give out his or her personal details.However, they are most likely to fill in the form. Since this is their first interaction with the business, they are comfortable because they do not have to fill in their personal details.
  3. Customer testimonials and photos: Businesses should have customer testimonials and photos to invoke trust from people who visit their website. They are powerful when it comes to marketing the products or services to the targeted audience. People will read them and be assured that the business is genuine and worth trusting.
  4. Online videos: Videos are a powerful audio-visual business tool to those who wish to reach out to their targeted audience successfully. Videos play a vital role when it comes to lead conversions. They speak to the customer and show them what a business offers for real. Research has proved that online videos have more power to convert a consumer over a mere advertisement. The business video should have good resolution and sound. It should not be too long or short. When done right, videos can bring in more sales.
  5. Trust seal: Websites that have a trust seal are more likely to improve lead conversions over those that do not have one. Trust seals, backed with guarantee, can convince a consumer and they will buy from you over others. In short, ensure the trust seal is not just an eye-candy. It should reassure the consumer that you are reliable and safe.
  6. Power phrases: Yes, power words will create positive impressions on the minds of the consumer. Using active words like “Get”, “Have”, “Grab” etc are more compelling than “imagine having” and other such similar phrases. When the business uses powerful active words, it manages to create an effect on the consumer. It promises direct benefits over the imagination of getting the promised benefits. The lead generation page should have power words evenly distributed in its content. These words should also be used in the taglines of the landing page.
  7. Choose the right templates: Templates too play a crucial role when it comes to the success of your business. There are ready-made templates available online.However, they are not ideal for a business that is looking for more lead conversions. It is prudent for the business to invest money, and make a website that is unique and original. There are good web designing companies that will make the business a customized template that caters to its needs and services. The website needs to have a compelling design to invoke trust and confidence in the customer.
  8. Keep the goal in mind: Businesses that are looking for increased lead conversion must keep the end goal in mind. Lead conversion should start with this objective always. The business should determine what actions it wants the customer to take in the lead conversion process. This may be a callback, subscribing to the business newsletter, filling out a form etc.
  9. Whitespace: Good businesses will always make optimal use of whitespace or the negative space on the website. This “empty area” gives the webpage some breathing space. The website should not be cluttered with website content, pictures and videos. With more clutter,the customer will become distracted and focus will shift from the goal of lead conversion. Businesses need to understand this vital point in order to be successful.
  10. Testing & Evaluation: Last but not the least; businesses should deploy the right analytics and testing software for its lead conversions. It should be monitored and changes need to be made accordingly. This gesture will help businesses to understand what is working for them in real-time. When a business wants to increase its lead conversions, it should evaluate and embrace only the best practices for the purpose.
Therefore, businesses can increase their lead conversions with the aid of the above ten powerful tips. The bottom line is that a company does have the ability to get maximum profits with the minimum efforts if it is prudent enough to follow a good lead conversion strategy all the time!



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Monday, 22 July 2019
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