Social Media Marketing: Instagram Finally Lets Users Share Videos and Pics via DMs

Instagram is a growing social network that rivals Facebook and other platforms in many ways. However, it is still catching up in some important ways. The website doesn’t make it as easy to interact with other users as Facebook and other social networks.

Instagram Users Can Finally Share Images and Videos Via DM

Instagram introduced the PC app made for Windows 10 in October. However, the new app lacked some of the functionality available to mobile users. Most notably, users couldn’t sent images or videos in direct messages.

The Next Web reports that the Instagram PC app for Windows 10 recently included this feature. However, users still can’t upload public posts from their desktop.

“It’s strange that Instagram will let you snap pictures and footage only for DMs to your contacts and group conversations, and not for public posts, but that’s how things are. In fact, there are settings to configure how your Stories will be shared, but when you try to post your capture, you’re prompted to choose contacts to share with; there’s no way to skip that and publish your image publicly as you’d normally do with Stories on mobile,” writes the Next Web’s Abhimanyu Ghoshal.

This new feature will make things much more convenient for many Instagram users. It will be especially welcomed by Shopify merchants and other companies relying on direct marketing for their ecommerce sites. These users will be able to share content with their followers, while still being able to access other tools for analytics and marketing purposes. However, it’s important for ecommerce companies to make sure their direct marketing approach complies with Instagram’s terms of service, FTC guidelines and other advertising laws.

However, the functionality with Instagram still remains limited. Many users would like to share posts on their public feeds from their desktop devices. Instagram may add this feature for Windows 10 desktop users in the future, but has not indicated so yet.

How Can You Share Images and Videos in Direct Messages?

Sharing visual content in direct messages is very straightforward. You begin by firing up your desktop Instagram app and clicking the camera button.

Unfortunately, you can’t upload images directly from your hard drive, but can share selfies and Boomerang loops. You can also edit your pictures with text, pictures and standard Instagram filters.

After you have taken your picture, you simply choose the contact that you want to send the image to through a direct message. You can also respond to existing conversations and add the image in your reply.

Other Users Can Still Block Your Messages

This feature is great for marketers and people that want to engage with their friends on Instagram. However, it can also be abused, so Instagram has provided an option for people to block images and videos from being sent to them via DM.

If you are following another user, any images or videos they send will appear in your message. If you don’t follow them on Instagram, the content will be placed in a “requests” folder.

Gadget Hacks states that most users will probably accept messages from other Instagrammers, even if they aren’t following them. However, if the content is spammy, annoying or harassing, they have the option to block future content from that user. They can click one of three buttons after receiving the post:

  • Report Inappropriate. Users are encouraged to click this button if the content is abusive or violates the Instagram terms of service. Instagram will look into your report and take appropriate action.
  • Ignore posts from this user. If the content doesn’t violate the Instagram terms of service, but you don’t want to see more of it, you can click this button to block future posts from them.
  • Hide this post. You can select this option if you don’t like the content that was sent, but generally are willing to accept future content from them.
You should be aware of these factors when you start using this new feature. Make sure any DMs you send comply with the Instagram terms of service, FTC guidelines and other applicable laws.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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