Social Media and Selling - Panel Discussion in Clonmel on the 16th of February

Social Media and Selling - Panel Discussion in Clonmel on the 16th of February

I am preparing for a panel discussion about social media and selling in Clonmel on the 16th of February. No powerpoint allowed. Just a conversation between business people whom have been there and bought the T-shirt. Book here. Starts at 6:30 PM.

Book flower

When I prepare for these things, I do what I do for my clients. I get book flower going to get me thinking.


It is an interesting topic. Social media as part of the marketing mix and sales as the output. My concern with a lot of social media I see is that the connection is lost. “Liking” is not buying. I am not sure all businesses get that.


There is a lot happening in marketing and sales land. It is getting incredibly complex. I always refer to Brian Solis’ conversation prism. That is the social media landscape. That is outside of the technology landscape. Watson is doing marketing as well.

Reviews on steroids

Brian Solis believes in the Ultimate Moment of Truth. The moment you will leave a positive or negative review. 80% of all purchasing is researched online. Trip advisor and word of mouth on steroids. On a number of large platforms. A review can go viral in seconds. Either damaging or enhancing your reputation. Theoretically, you do not need sales people anymore if you have constant five start reviews. You would need social media.

Dark side

There is a dark side to it as well. The possibility of manipulation through (deliberate) filter bubbles, application of neuroscience and some dark forms of manipulation.

Bad for your brain

Social media is bad for your brain too. Our attention span is falling. Creating the need for new design and new types of engagement. Design using gamification, virtual reality, augmentation and other development lines. Making it more addictive, reducing our attention span even more.

There is hope

Hopefully, we get a counter reaction, and we will stop manipulating and start caring. Creating love marks. Or we will create organisational structures that will bring us closer to the people we serve. Bringing some nobility and authenticity back into selling and marketing. Making you different. Preferably ultra different. With a good story.


And that is the good news. Good stories cut through everything. The Irish are brilliant at story telling.



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Monday, 23 September 2019
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