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I have met some amazing people through Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, people who have really influenced how I think and how I am as a person and as an entrepreneur (I still struggle with that word!) and now Ulster Bank have joined the family. Our Alumni events are a great opportunity to “plug in” to the SEI network, recharge, get new ideas and inspiration. Watching Doug Munro settle into the room at our Summer Alumni Day was really heartwarming. His reverence for the space he was in and the whole-hearted way in which he contributed his ideas and observations of the day really made me smile and I thought about what Social Entrepreneurs Ireland is. It is about more than people who are setting out to save the world, its more than the awardees, it is also about the people who believe in us and the people who are bold enough to follow with enthusiasm, respect, energy and in some cases money. Sometimes I think these people are the most important people in the whole process because long after us social entrepreneurs pass on our vision, burn ourselves out or find the next great social idea; the people who are brave enough to follow will still be there believing in people like us, spurring on the next lot of great socially conscious businesses. Thanks Ulster Bank for joining the family…nice to meet you Doug!

Claire Murphy, Leap 


Claire Murphy and Rachel Cassen developed LEAP as a social enterprise to empower families experiencing disability to lead self-directed lives. LEAP works directly with families to create confident, connected communities of people that can support families positively and encourage active participation in the community.

LEAP works with the family to build knowledge and skills and challenges existing attitudes and beliefs. They help the family to develop a personalised support plan for their family member and to engage and co-ordinate with community stakeholders and other service providers. Through this work, LEAP is educating families to choose for themselves what is most appropriate for them from an à la carte menu, rather than opting for a set menu of supports.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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