Small Talk Tips for Today's Salesman

There are many soft skills that you should develop in order to take your sales skills to the next level. As a salesman, one of essential abilities you need to learn and master is the art of small talks. Once in awhile, people want to forget about their worries in life and engage in conversation that does not cover any functional topics. You can use it to lure people into your world, make them like you, and later turn them into paying clients. Your small talk approach should be strategic by listening first, approaching people without thinking, making eye contacts, and asking interesting questions that can spur up a delightful conversation.

Listen First

Particularly for introverts, listening gives you the power to understand everyone taking part in the conversation and know how to approach them. Understanding the perspective of others is a key factor in small talks and gives you a better chance of being heard. Find mutual interests. By listening to people, you would be able to understand the things they are interested in, so you focus your questions and contributions towards that. Mutual interests are also one of the best ways to make people like you, especially when you support their team.

Be Current with Events

The level of knowledge you show during a conversation is what sets you apart. Have you ever been in a conversation and noticed everyone keeps quiet while someone is talking? Your knowledge of current events will make it possible to communicate efficiently, make personal suggestions, and contribute to issues. You should, however, avoid making other people feel like they were outdated. Don't be the only one talking even if you know it all. Allow other people to air their views without you correcting them all the time.

Ask Interesting Question

Every boring conversation starts with uninteresting questions, which usually die prematurely. As a salesman, choose your words carefully before you start a conversation. People always remember those who started interesting conversation that got everyone talking and made them have a good time. Ask an open ended question or a "would you rather" questions where they pick a side, and you choose the opposing side about a similar product or idea, e.g., would you rather use Android or iOS device?

Less about Yourself, More About Them

Everyone wants to feel important and be the center of attraction. As a salesman, you know why you are engaged in the small talks – to win them over to yourself and make them like you for future benefits. So, make it more about them and less about you.

Be observant and see things they are interested in, like their shoes, what they like to drink, or their favorite e cig juice. Don't tell them a long story about how your 7 years old son learned piano in three weeks; that can be boring for most. Make the other person feel more important and reduce your self-consciousness.

Make Honest Compliments

One of the most delightful ways to brighten someone's day is to make sincere compliments about them. Give compliments like you are in a leadership position because people love to follow positive influence. Be specific when giving compliments and find something you genuinely like about the person that isn't too obvious. Don't compliment everyone the same way, which is why you need to be sincere and truthful.

Small talks can be very helpful in pushing your sales career to the next level if you know how to do handle it properly. Make an honest compliment, ask interesting questions, be current with events, and listen before you talk. You should also avoid starting any controversial issues related to health or diet habits, personal questions, mean gossip, backhanded or demeaning comments, or controversial issues like politics or religion. Even though you will be listening more when the conversation kicks off, be the first person to say hello, to break the ice and put others at ease.



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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