Small Business Branding, SEO and Social Media

With the vast array of opportunities for small businesses to succeed today, it is a necessity for them to ensure that they are taking the proper steps towards attaining their greatest potentials of success. As businesses may find it a difficult time to compete with other businesses in their particular field, there is always an opportunity with today's online branding strategies. In order for a business to beat out their competitors, they must implement efficient and effective methods of marketing into their functional models/operations. Only by taking these necessary steps will a company have success in creating their own brand. Let's look at small business Branding and how it relates to online factors like SEO and social media.

As today's businesses are provided with a myriad of tools online for chances at success, it is important to note that delving into such opportunities will only be effective if the website owner acts proactively in maintaining their updating necessities on a consistent basis. For instance, a website that provides its customer base with a number of products and services will usually be required to update their database's content every once in awhile to show their persistence and credibility as a brand.

When a business keeps their content up-to-date and in with the current trends, they are sending a message to their customer/client base that they care about them and their needs and will do everything they can to keep producing and providing similar products/services to maintain an entity as an ever-changing brand.

Social Media

Firstly, take advantage of social media when trying to promote your brand. Set up Google+, Twitter and Facebook accounts. We live in a day and age where everything and anything can be shared. Join relevant Google+ communities, tweet out to industry influencers, share your blog posts on Facebook. But most importantly, provide content that makes your business stand out from competitors. For example, create hashtags and share content outside of your brand, but still relevant to your industry. The less commercial you sound, the more willing people are to connect and follow you. Strive to be the account people want to follow and keep tabs on what others in your communities are sharing. This way you’ll not only gain a following, but connect with people and influencers in your industry. Also, don’t overlook the potential these channels have to boost employee recognition. If someone in your company receives an award, right a blog post about it and share it online. You’ll most likely find that the employee recognition ideas that can be incorporated on social channels will be a great way to increase employee buy in and overall engagement.


One of the most effective strategies of branding is search engine optimization. By incorporating SEO work into one's web content, the website owner will be able to generate more leads towards their website(s) than ever before. As the web developer intertwines popular keywords and phrases into the site's overall content, they will have the ability of having their link show towards the beginning of some of today's most popular search engines. There are many reasons why this is important and vital to one's success. As there are billions of webpages on the Internet, a business who utilizes website development for the purposes of marketing will need to ensure that their content consists of high quality material to truly grasp the attention of visitors.

However, in order for those visitors to land on the webpage(s) in the first place, they will need to be driven to the site(s) somehow. If the brand hasn't already built itself up a name and reputation, it is very unlikely for their page(s) to even be seen as there are billions of websites on the Internet. By implementing SEO work into one's content, the website owner will be able to take advantage of having content with special keywords and phrases that work to drive their webpage(s) towards the front of some of today's most commonly utilized search engines. When people search for certain products and/or services, they will usually input certain words and phrases into search engine boxes to find what they are looking for. A business that combines popular keywords along with high qualities of content within their webpage(s) will moved towards the front pages of their search result "hit queries".


Video conferencing is another essential function of a solid branding foundation. Video conferencing allows companies to communicate with their clients in a face-to-face setting without having to actually travel from one place to another. Therefore, both parties can comfortably communicate with one another on a personal level without having to leave their homes or place of business. This is a great benefit for small businesses as it brings networking and communications to a platform that cannot be found elsewhere. Any company that is striving to break through in their market should use video conferencing as a form of communication as it can boost their ratings and reputation as a proficient, reliable, and trustworthy company. Furthermore, it shows how a company strives to please their clients/customers by maintaining personal connections.

Have an experience using any of these tactics to grow your small business? Better yet, have an experience where you used a tactic that I left out? Share below in the comments.



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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