Simple Things to Create a Productive Environment For Your Business


Do you feel maybe that your employees aren't as productive in your business as you'd like them to be? Want to create a more productive environment at your company? Here are some suggestions for simple things that can help to create a more productive environment for your business:

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1. Optimise Office Space

Look at your overall office space and structure. How much time is spent walking to a printer and back? Are people wasting time that could be saved?

Do a complete office overhaul if necessary. Can you organise some breakout space that's good for teams to work together in? 

Encourage workers to clean and organise their desks as well as keeping surrounding areas tidy.

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2. Set clear, precise goals 

Setting goals for each employee helps them focus more easily and work harder toward a goal they visualise as well. Likewise having a team or company goal clearly stated and visible in the office can help focus everyone. 

When an employee meets a goal or goes above and beyond, make sure to recognise them. Acknowledging a job well done makes the employee feel appreciated and motivated to complete more tasks.

3. Communication

Maintain open lines of communication, especially when making changes. By keeping employees in the loop, you reduce time spent worrying, speculating, and gossiping about things to come. 

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4. Be flexible

Work, family, and social obligations pull employees in many different directions during the day. Implement family friendly policies to assist them in finding a balance. Allow employees to leave early or come in late to resolve family emergencies. They will be more productive at work because they do not need to find someone to handle the issue, or worry about something not being completed.

Also, permitting employees to work at the most productive time for them creates happier employees, and happy employees worry less and work more.

5. Focus on ergonomics

Poor posture and neck strain cause many employees to miss work for rest or doctor appointments. To combat these absences, purchase ergonomic chairs and look at the desk set up at each station. Consider purchasing items that can assist employees in proper posture or use software to monitor how long you have been sitting, and alert you when it's time to take a break and walk around. 

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6. Air quality

Studies have proven that employees work more productively when they breathe cleaner air. Pollutants such as chemicals, dust, and airborne microorganisms contaminate the air in even the newest and most clean buildings.

Air purifiers can improve the quality of air by removing up to ninety-five percent of airborne particles. Employees will think better, and also miss less work due to illness spreading through the office. 

6. Internet Use 

Most companies install firewalls and other security measures to ensure employees do not utilise company PCs to access non-work related sites. However, with smartphones so prevalent nowadays it's difficult to completely ban employees from going online. Do make sure your company has an internet use policy and that everyone knows what it is. 

Left on their own, employees often become less productive. A properly organised work space, excellent communication, and flexible policies work together to make employees feel a part of the company and desire to do their best. 

Over to you now. Any other things that have worked at your company for a more productive environment? Share them with us in the comments below. 

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Saturday, 16 November 2019
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