When Should You Move Out Of Your Home Office?


Many entrepreneurs begin their journey by growing their young business from home. There are numerous reasons why this may be the case: they may have no requirement for a dedicated office or they may be looking to minimise costs in any way possible. However, the vast majority of businesses will reach the inevitable stage when their home office is no longer suitable for their needs. It can be difficult to decide when the right time is for making the leap and moving into an office. So when should you move out of your home office?

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In this article, we have listed a number of reasons why it might be time for you to make the move.

Inescapable Distractions

No matter how productive you are as a person, working from home will lead to procrastination. If you are the type who postpones important tasks to message friends from your smartphone, the chances are you’ll find distractions wherever you are. However, even the most productive of entrepreneurs can find their attention being drawn away from the task at hand with housework, shopping and other non-work activities.

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Hiring Employees

Most new businesses will eagerly anticipate the stage when their turnover is high enough to justify hiring an employee. When this happens, running an office out of your bedroom, living room or garage presents obvious problems. You’ll need another desk space, and usually another computer, and for many, running a business in this way is far from feasible.

Professional Brand Image

With an increasing amount of business solely being conducted online, your brand image is more important than ever. Today, many businesses develop lasting relationships with customers without actually meeting in person. For this reason, it is essential that your brand image screams professionalism at first glance. When a potential customer stumbles across your site, it is important that you use the small window of time to instil as much trust in them as possible.

One way of doing this is by displaying your business address, along with supporting photos, to demonstrate that you are a well-established and professional organisation, giving them the faith they need to convert.

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Your Business is Growing!

This is the best reason you can have for moving out of your home and into a dedicated office space. It marks the time when you move away from what some may refer to as a recreational business and into something a little more serious.

There are numerous signs that your business may be outgrowing your home office. If you are a product-based business, you might find that your house in no longer large enough to store the required level of inventory. If you are a service-based business, you might find that working from your living space does not allow you to be as organised as you need to be to deal with your growing list of clients and responsibilities.  You also might want to invest in business phone systems to streamline all communications with your clients.

Whatever reason you have for moving out of your home office, make sure you do it right. Don’t spend any more than you need to and you can afford to pay. Also, look out for flexible leasing arrangements, allowing you to move into somewhere more appropriate if the need arises.

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