SEO and Social Media Marketing

Social media and SEO go hand in hand when it comes to building online brand recognition. The two “disciplines” interact more than ever and the line between Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation is less and less visible.

In order to give your business the best chance of getting noticed in the online environment, here are three "tips" on how to make better use of the time you're spending on social media sites.

Link your Social Media Profiles

Think of social media marketing as a bicycle wheel. Each of your social profiles is a spoke and your website is the center of the wheel, a hub bringing everything together in one place.

Basically, you do not want your visitor to stop at only one of your social profiles. By linking all social profiles with your website, you are encouraging visitors to extend their interaction with your company or brand. The more you manage to keep them “busy” looking at your stuff, the better.

The link between social accounts gives you the chance to also interact with customers targeted on more than one platform. For example, if someone contacts you on LinkedIn, why not send him a message and invite him on Twitter and maybe give you a like on your Facebook page? You mightn't always know exactly which of your Social profile plays the most important role, so creating a loop between all your social accounts insures your message is heard at least once.

Remember that the main goal of social media marketing is to get traffic from social networks to your website and not vice versa. Don’t add giant buttons with “Follow us on Facebook ” to your website. The site should be to focus on converting visitors into customers not turning them into fans / friends / followers . You need, of course, to have the social media buttons on your web pages,  but they are not to take away from the focus of your website. At the end of the day, the website is your “shop”, the place where you present and sell your products and services.

Promote your content

Content marketing is the backbone of SEO, the element that directs almost all online marketing tactics. But creating great content is winning half the battle.

It doesn't matter how unique, representative, informative or inspired your content is, IF NO ONE SEES IT

Currently, social networks are becoming very valuable in terms of marketing. Social media marketing thrives on new content, giving your social contacts reasons to interact with your social profiles, maintaining a constant and visible presence of your brand in the social networking community.

When you or one of your readers share a piece of content from your website on a social network , this creates a valuable link to the your site. This is not just a way to generate traffic, these “signals” are are used by search engines to determine the importance of content and ultimately your page. As content is shared through all social networks more often,  it becomes more valuable and will help you achieve better rankings in the long run.

It is no need to post the whole of your website on Facebook . A text snippet with a picture is enough to attract the attention of your social network .

Customize and optimise your Social Media Profiles

Your Social Media Profile is a bit like having your own website within their networks. Therefore you should take advantage of this opportunity and optimise your profiles. For example, Facebook allows users to create personalised pages; an excellent opportunity to promote the best keywords for your website .You are allowed to post a short and long “about us” text description that can be optimised  using keywords that are specific to your business.  Also, most Social Media Profiles allow you add personalised graphics (headers, backgrounds), that can greatly improve your branding across these networks.

Not every profile allows the posting of the same volume of information so you need to ensure consistency and compliance throughout all your profiles .  As part of working on your social media marketing campaign, write for example, several company descriptions  to target the different text lengths, but make sure to give the same message . The idea is to present a unified brand image in all your social profiles, to avoid misleading the audience and cause confusion.

If you need help in setting up professional Social Media Profiles, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We are offering a complete range of Online Marketing Services at very competitive prices.



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Friday, 19 July 2019
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