SEO and Mobile Traffic: How It Can Improve Traffic

1 to infinity accessible info, 140-word news bit, 2 to 3 seconds page load, 1 click of a button, easy smooth typing, perfect page dimensions, swift scrolling—these are the living proof that online mobile consumers in today’s age have short attention spans. To satisfy their standards, you got to give them what they want in an instant. WHat we are talking about here is SEO and Mobile Traffic.

If they’re looking for info, hand it over in lightning speed. If they want to buy products, ensure their purchase in a snap. Because if it isn’t your mobile site that people go to online, chances are that there’s someone else. Even if you’re offering quality services that can top your competitors but it isn’t being showcased properly with how slow your mobile site is, then you lose the chance of getting a sale or sales even.

Don’t let this happen. Leave it to an SEO agency to improve your mobile site. Here’s a brief overview of how SEO can improve your mobile traffic and your mobile site in general:

  • First things first, an SEO agency will focus on the mobile user experience. This means that they will engage the visitors of your mobile site and eventually convert them into customers. As a result, this certainly has an increasing effect on your site’s rankings.
  • Only the most relevant content is allowed on the site. The general rule of thumb is, “Informative content, the more sales.”
  • A responsive layout will be created to complement the relevant content. The experts will display the content in such a way that the users will find important info from top to bottom without them perceiving it to be endless. What’s more is that they can put a button that says “back to top” so that users can easily relocate on the page.
  • They can provide videos, gifs, and 3D images to create a more visual experience for the users to make the text even more engaging.
  • They will decrease to zero any feature on the mobile site that annoys potential customers. For instance, involuntary clicks because the buttons or links are too close together and too small for the fingertips. It’s a general rule to establish a certain distance from one button or link to the other.
  • Another thing that annoys potential customers is pop-up banners. The experts will get rid of these fast to avoid distractions that may interrupt a sale from becoming a purchase.
  • The experts will allow the users to filter their search. This will make it easier for users to immediately find what they’re looking for.
  • They will provide a click-to-call button so that the users can easily voice out their queries or concerns instead of giving them extra work by saving your number and using another device to call your company.
  • Last but not the least, they will create a sense of urgency for visitors to become customers through the use of incentives. These include discounts, exclusive and limited offers, free shipping, and so on.
This sums up the SEO strategies that can boost your mobile traffic in no time. Mobile traffic equate to a higher ranking, so what are you waiting for?



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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