Selling Your Products Through Alibaba is the world's largest B2B Platform for international trade. While most Western companies associate the website with importing from China, it’s also a gateway to rapidly growing Asian markets and new ways to reach traditional trading partners in Europe.

Selling your products through Alibaba

Let’s take a look on how you can reach out to buyers worldwide through

Gold Suppliers It’s free to become a member and sell products on Alibaba. However, few potential buyers will take notice of you unless you become a Gold Supplier. It’s a membership service and the main profit source for the Alibaba Group. reviews all applications, so that when a potential buyer sees that you are a Gold Supplier, they can be sure that you are legally registered.

A Gold Supplier membership also gives you access to other features such as buyer and supplier matching. When a potential buyer anywhere in the world sends a buying request to, they will be matched with a number of suppliers.

Being a Gold Supplier also will increase your Alibaba product search engine ranking. For example, since there are not many Gold Suppliers in Ireland yet, you are likely to get a better product search result position and get exposure to any foreign buyer looking for Irish products.

Connect with start-ups and small businesses in Asia Exports to Asia have traditionally been highly focused on heavy machinery [Germany] and resources [Africa, South America]. While this trade is still going strong, eased regulations and business-friendly policies in China, Korea and southeast Asia have resulted in a small business boom. These businesses are eager to import anything from milk powder and meal mixes to farm equipment and pregnancy tests.

Alibaba is following the global re-shoring trend Chinese suppliers are not as competitive as they used to be. Constantly rising wages, more efficient tax enforcement and increased shipping costs adds pressure on the bottom line of Western importing companies. The result is that more and more European and American businesses are taking production back home. Alibaba has spotted this trend and is moving away from being overly focused on China to becoming a diverse platform for imports and exports between all continents.

Another reason to have a presence on is the fact that the company has become synonymous with international trade. When small businesses worldwide want to import products, they go straight to instead their local chamber of commerce.

How to create a selling Alibaba Company Page in three steps:

  1. The more products you add to your online catalogue, the more likely you are to get exposure in the Alibaba Product Search. Buyers also want to trade with suppliers who have a wide range of products. A company page with only 5-10 products will look empty.
  2. Write a detailed company presentation that includes your history, expansion plans, main markets and production / trading capabilities. You can also benefit by translating the company page into Chinese, Spanish and other major languages.
  3. Got any test reports or certificates? Add them to your company page right away. The EU has the highest product standards in the world, and while compliance can be a hassle, it's also considered to be a mark of quality. This is held in high regard in countries such as China where product safety is not always taken for granted.



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Thursday, 15 November 2018
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