Seeing Beyond SEO: 4 Digital Marketing Strategies You May Be Overlooking


If you are a small business owner, search engine optimization is not the only digital marketing strategy that you should implement into your marketing plan. There are other methods of expanding your presence in the digital world. Here are four digital marketing strategies that you should implement in addition to SEO.

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1. Video Marketing

Informational videos can be a great way to sell your products and services, and these videos can be posted on social media as well as your company website. In addition, if it is possible to have a video ad for your brand on YouTube or other platforms, this can be a highly effective marketing technique.

It’s essential to ensure that the video that you use looks as professional as possible, and it’s usually best to hire a professional videographer. In addition, you generally want to ensure that your marketing videos are relatively short and to the point.

2. Influencer Marketing

Hiring an influencer to promote your brand can be a highly effective strategy, but you do not need an exceptionally famous influencer in order for this strategy to be successful.

In fact, it is often more effective to promote your company with an influencer that is well known specifically in your region, and local celebrities are often seen as more relatable to prospective customers. In addition, hiring a local celebrity as an influencer is often much less expensive than hiring a national celebrity.

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3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to promote a business, and it is a highly effective strategy on the web. This strategy involves paying people (affiliates) a commission for driving traffic or sales to your website.

In general, it is best to pay affiliates per sale if you have a company that is already fairly well established. However, it can be better to pay affiliates for directing traffic if you’re just starting to get your business off the ground as this will increase visibility.

4. SMS Marketing

Text message marketing has many similarities to email marketing, and it also can be highly effective. However, the messages that you’ll send will need to be even shorter, and that’s because text messages cannot contain as much information as emails. In order to have an effective SMS marketing strategy, it’s essential to find the right business SMS service provider. Ask for referrals from other business owners. 

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While search engine optimization is important, there’s a lot more to digital marketing. The four strategies on this list are some of the strategies you can consider implementing, but there are many other ways that you can promote your business on the web, as well.

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Wednesday, 11 December 2019
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