Saving bundles of cash through correct H&S practises

Health and safety is a big deal, and big business to the companies who charge you for H&S help. But how can your own health and safety save you money?

All small business owners know they must carry out a risk assessment and formulate a health & safety policy to comply with UK laws - but is that the only reason you should do it? Of course not!

The whole point of a risk assessment is to determine which hazards in your workplace can be removed, and if they cannot be, have you done everything in your power to minimise the risk associated with it. And in a similar way your own health and safety policy can be used to cover your back if anything does go wrong, accident and injury lawsuits can cripple a new start-up and sometime even ruin an already established business through long drawn out court cases, the cost of legal representation, orders to cease trading and any bad press around your business when can arise from such a legal argument.

The point of having your risk assessment and policy is to show that you have taken all the necessary precautions and to point out who is responsible for maintaining that level of safety, and if something does go wrong the worst thing that could happen is disciplinary procedures for the person responsible if they had not been performing their job correctly.

PAT Test North East recently added a help section for their site revolving around health and safety especially for small businesses, with sections relating to specific industries too. If you need help formulating your own health and safety policy or know someone who does, why not go take a look. Equally if you read this post and thought to yourself, 'I only made my policy because I had to' - maybe you should go take a look too and make sure you covered everything. A badly performed risk assessment could be the end of your business if an accident does occur on your premises so can you really afford not to?



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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