Role of Inbound Marketing Process in Lead Generation

In the business sector, marketing communication involves the use of conventional outbound marketing techniques. However, in recent times, professional marketers have begun to utilize inbound marketing. The power of the internet can now be used to obtain offline information. In this post I talk about the role of inbound marketing process in lead generation.

The concept of inbound marketing is nothing ground-breaking; it had existed before with outbound marketing techniques but it enjoyed popularity among a niche section of computer users. However, it has witnessed a revival during the last decade.

Inbound Marketing Process

The design of lead management programs allows prospects to learn about services and products through a simple keyword search, case study downloads, RSS feed subscriptions, email newsletters, videos, podcasts, blog comments or social media websites. Therefore, inbound marketing makes it easier for prospects to locate a particular service or product online. In comparison to the interruptive nature of outbound marketing, inbound marketing seeks permission.

Improved Focus

Business marketers concentrate on collecting contact details and information from potential prospects but they often lose sight of the most crucial aspect in the form of sales pipeline impact. The monetary resources wasted for the generation of such threads lose their value unless they have implemented suitable qualification methods that help the inbound leads of a business progress into Sales Qualified Opportunities.

Advanced Features

The Internet has become an indispensable part of human existence. There are currently several billion internet users and the number is increasing steadily on a daily basis. Companies have nearly doubled the average budget for social media and blogs. Inbound marketing processes realize this factor and focus on attracting prospects towards suitable services or businesses.

However, if the keywords and descriptions used for a particular product or service do not hold a high enough rank in search engines, it is likely that they will not be detected by business prospects. Lead management programs use SEO or Search Engine Optimization that guarantees higher online rankings.

Blogging at a frequent rate is one of the best methods for increasing the SEO of a business. The content that is produced as a result of blogs proves to be beneficial to customers, prospects as well as search engines.

When a prospect or client visits the business website, their moves need to be monitored closely. This is made possible via the addition of a CTA button that connects links to an offer. Link nurturing is used to build product and brand reference long before the prospect turns into a customer for the business.


Inbound marketing strategies serve as the perfect complement for the outbound marketing program of a business. If the business is able to implement the various inbound marketing components – blogging, search engine optimization, lead generation, social media and lead nurturing – it will produce a synergistic impact that leads to enhanced sales, cost efficiencies and greater investment returns.

As soon as a business incorporate good lead management programs, it will notice an improvement in the number of marketing qualified leads that have been generated. So, it is necessary to ensure that the maximum potential of these opportunities are utilized by accurately qualifying the leads prior to engaging the business sales team for the maximization of the value of new investments.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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