Rewarding Your Employees

Employees rely on recognition and motivation to work.  Most often, an un-impressionable paycheck is not worth the drive or the need to work harder.  Jobs that do not promise extra work bonuses cannot attract or motivate employees to put in that extra effort to reach a goal that they are probably close to already, but do not make the effort to reach.

Reward management and incentive programs have come a long way in changing the way a team works.  Reward is ‘key’ to motivating members to work as a team, building upon the acronym TEAM: Together Each Achieves More.  When a member is promised a reward, he has incentive to put in his best effort.

Rewarding Your Employees

According to the Institute for Employment Studies, United Kingdom, ‘a good manager who appreciates the work done makes all the difference.’ In many instances, managers do not want to express their appreciation or do not want employees to know that they are monitoring their progress. They feel that by pushing the employee with criticism makes him work harder, when in actual practicality, appreciation can motivate the employee to work ‘because’ he is appreciated. Appreciation creates an awareness that one’s efforts are not in vain.  It builds trust and confidence in the team leader, and a sense of loyalty.

Another reason why team leaders and managers do not publicly show any form of appreciation for their team is because they do not want to cause confusion in the team or create a sense of hostility between team members.  This arises from the fact that they do not want to take the responsibility of sorting out issues in the team while acknowledging good accomplishments. They also feel that if they openly appreciate a member, they will lose their position of ‘authority’ and lose respect.

On the contrary, studies show that when a manager or team leader acknowledges the milestones and effort of employees they instill in them a sense of awareness; that they are recognized for their skills. Not only do the managers reward for work well done, but the system of rewarding has invariably created a checklist of characteristic features that an employee may excel in.

Cast Bronze Plaques

Plaques, especially cast bronze plaques, have become the informal, yet standardized form of awards for employees in businesses all across the country. These plaques may be in different styles and layouts and may be optionally embedded in walnut plaque boards.  These plaques are awarded to outstanding members during the respective annual employee recognition programs.  Some of the key functional areas that managers monitor are leadership qualities, work ethics, customer service, role or impact upon business performance, etcetera.

Team leaders should announce the various awards in advance so that the team knows what they are working for.  It would also help them create their own checklists based upon their respective skills.  Recognition creates an awareness that team members do not possess the same skills, which in fact can work to the advantage of the team if channeled wisely by a team leader.

It thus becomes imperative, that if a business wants its employees to work harder and in a fair manner, they have to turn to employee recognition strategies, preferably awarding them bronze plaques with the company name and logo embedded in it. Employees may treasure such awards, looking on with pride in later years for working under that particular employer, or may go places with his skill and efforts only because a manager took time to recognize his worth.  It all boils down to appreciating an employee in a fair manner for what he is worth and for what he has directly invested into the company beyond excellence.



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Tuesday, 16 July 2019
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