Rewarding Hard Work: How to Make Your Business Results-Oriented


When you’re a business owner, it’s always important that you do the most you possibly can with what you have. That means stretching your resources and pushing your employees to produce the best possible results for your clients or customers. If you aren’t focused strongly on results, there’s a good chance you’re wasting money or leaving potential revenues on the table. Here are some of the best steps you can take to make your business more results-oriented.

Make Sure to Establish Clear Goals

If you want to run a results-oriented business, you need to know very specifically what your goals are. Without good, quantifiable goals, you have nothing to actually measure your results against. Sit down and decide what the measures of success for your business ought to be, then set out to make those the results that your team achieves.

Make Your Goals Clear to Your Employees

Nothing is more frustrating for an employee than being held to goals that he or she was unaware of. For this reason, you need to clearly communicate the goals you’ve set for your business to the people who work for you. Not only should these goals be verbally communicated, but they should also be posted somewhere in your office or on an online platform so that your employees can refer back to them as necessary. It can help to pursue an advanced education like a masters in leadership or something similar.

Tie Pay to Results

One of the best single ways to get results out of your team is to establish a connection between success and pay rate. Incentivizing the successful achieving of goals can help people to work harder and smarter to reach preset goals, as demonstrated by the effectiveness of the pay-for-success model in the philanthropic sector. In more normal business settings, the same basic concept can be applied by giving pay raises, bonuses or other incentives to employees who routinely meet or exceed the goals you’ve set for them.

Establish a Culture of Celebrating Success

If you want your entire team to work their hardest to produce the best possible results, it isn’t enough to just reward individual high-performing employees. Instead, you need to create a company culture in which successes and the rewards for them are shared in by everyone. Good ways of doing this include taking your employees out for dinner after meeting a large quarterly sales goal or offering an extra day off for meeting a goal you’ve set. When you create this kind of company culture, all of your employees will stay motivated to turn in their best work each and every day.

These are just a few of the things you can do to create a results-oriented business that will efficiently grow and make you money. If you put these ideas into action in your business, you’ll be surprised by just how much they can help.

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Thursday, 12 December 2019
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