Rethinking Your Safety Resources: The Benefits of Incident Management Software for your Business

No matter how expensive health and safety software may initially appear to be, there’s no doubt that it more than pays for itself once you’re using it. For example, it can help to improve processes and drive behavioural changes that:



It also has some other positive effects, such as:


  • strengthening your business’s reputation
  • improving employee morale
  • opening up opportunities to bid for major projects.

However, what are the benefits of using incident management software in particular? Here are a few key benefits to consider before enquiring about suitability and prices from suppliers with good reputations such as airsweb.


You’ll have a centralised platform to hold information

Incidents require recording and managing, which means you need a centralised place to record details of the accident, damage, security, near misses and anything else that’s relevant. Incident management software ensures you can do this easily, allowing you to input information via an easy-to-understand interface.


Good quality software tends to be available on mobile too, so you don’t need to be at your desk to log information – you can add information while you’re in the field or from anywhere else, ensuring information is accurate and inputted in a timely fashion.


Identify underlying root causes more easily

Incident management software will help you to capture root cause information relating to the incident data you’re inputting. In turn, it can help you to spot patterns and trends that could play a key role in decision-making for corrective actions and risk-reducing strategies. You may need additional technology that’s compatible with your incident management software to carry out a thorough root cause analysis, but paired together, you’ll be far more efficient and effective at identifying the factors that are driving the volume and severity of incidents in your business.


Ensure regulatory compliance

Incident management software makes it easier to keep up to date with the ever-changing landscape of EHS regulation, and you’ll be able to dig into the platform to identify any gaps in your compliance record too.


Improve internal processes

There’s no doubt you’ll be doing your best to implement and improve your internal processes, but there’s only so much you can do if you’re not using incident management software. For example, you may be working with Excel spreadsheets (that are clunky, restrictive and not synced up online), and hoping that key individuals are always following the processes they’ve been asked to adhere to.


Incident management software replaces all of this, creating a structured workflow process for everyone to abide by, as well as guaranteeing you have a means of notifying and escalating incidents to the appropriate levels. All in all, it ensures nothing ‘slips through the cracks’.


Generate reports

Finally, your incident management software will speed up the process of generating reports. Use the analytical tools to gather and interpret data (drawn from sources all over the world, if relevant), and use the platform to help make sense of what you’re looking at so it can be easily presented to the relevant individuals.


As you can see, there are a number of benefits to using good quality incident management software. It ensures that you’re highlighting trends, understanding what’s happening in the business, identifying root causes and driving behavioural and cultural changes that result in improved compliance, reputational gains and ultimately higher profits.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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