Renewable Energy Solutions

In the UK, there’s a growing concern regarding the use of fossil fuels. With fuel prices rising, a genuine interest in using renewable energy is growing. Extracting energy from renewable sources offers a constantly replenished way of delivering power.

The environment can enjoy a much lower impact on climate change, and businesses can enjoy energy which can eventually pay for itself. Large-scale installations for larger establishments are becoming commonplace, and it’s never been more fashionable to go green.

The big picture

One popular choice of renewable energy installation is solar PV panels, which can be installed on a large scale for larger businesses. It’s not entirely possible to run every aspect of an office or warehouse from solar power quite yet, but it can certainly take a sizeable chunk off energy bills.

Panels are most effective during summer months, and offer a backup should power from the main grid cut out. Within about seven years, solar power can start to pay for itself thanks to the government ‘Feed-in Tariff’ scheme, which sees excess energy fed back into the grid.

Renewable energy supplier Dulas specialises in large installations of solar panels and renewable energy solutions across the UK. A spokesperson from the Wales-based solar PV supplier commented:

“Ever-rising energy costs have a significant impact on business. As this is unlikely to change, the pressures on the commercial sector to contribute to our climate change goals will grow.

“A roof-mounted solar system will help future-proof your business against these threats.”

Other options

It’s not just solar panels which can be installed on a large scale. In addition, power from running water can be harnessed by hydro-electric schemes. These are employed by businesses established near a running river – while hydro-electric schemes for businesses can only be used in a limited amount of places, the energy which is produced is high in volume.

Wind turbines can also be installed to power business units – installers will survey the surrounding area to ascertain the optimum location for a single or multiple turbines. As a rule, the bigger the turbine, the higher the power output.



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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