Reduce Paper Use in Office with Payroll Software

Every modern company must pay attention to the environment - there is an increasing consciousness in the consumer about companies with an environmental ethic. As one of the most paper-intensive areas of business, accounting can have a big impact on the environment, but thankfully with modern solutions such as payroll software, companies and payroll managers can significantly reduce the amount of paper they use, and in contrast to lots of other environmentally friendly initiatives, reducing printing output can also save lots of money and increase efficiency.

Moving to Electronic Payslip Submission

You might think that as an employer you are obliged to provide your employees with physical copies of their payslips, but this is not strictly the case. HMRC does not stipulate that you must print your payslips on paper and provide them physically to your employees, and so here you can save money with payroll software by sending payslips electronically.

If you do decide to move to purely electronic submission for your payslips, you must make sure that the delivery of the payslips meets all of the statutory requirements. Because payslips must be made available on or before payday, this can present problems for employees that are away or off sick and cannot access their payslip electronically, as even in these cases payslips must be readily available. With issues such as this, it might not be possible to do away with paper payslips completely, though this does not mean that you can’t dramatically decrease the number of payslips you have to print for each payment cycle.

The Best Way to Run Payslips

You might not be able to avoid printing payslips completely, but with the right payroll software you have the best means of getting things done. A good application will give you the choice between printing on payslip stationary or blank paper, and here you can save money and help the environment by going with the second option and using recycled paper. Again there is not stipulation on exactly how you present printed payslips to your employees, and though there is a statutory minimum amount of information that must be presented on the payslip, accredited software will ensure that all of the information that you must include is included.

Go with E-Payslips and Help the Planet

Now that there is excellent UK payroll software available at affordable prices for small and medium-sized companies, there hasn’t been a better time to slash paper use and help the environment. If you are a smaller company then you have no excuse not to reduce paper use with payroll software. Payroll software can deal with all of the day-to-day aspects of payroll without having to print out anything, and by switching to e-payslips there is no need to print out payslips for all of your employees each month.

Remember that if you make the move to e-payslips, you must set up a delivery system that meets your employees’ statutory rights, and there must be backup measures in place in case this system cannot reach all of your employees when payday arrives.

Paul Byrne MD Thesaurus Software, producers of BrightPay Payroll Software



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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