Why You Should Reassess for Success


It is vital that you continually reassess your situation. No matter where you are on the scale of success, it is a worthwhile exercise to take time out and re-evaluate. Here's why you should reassess for success: 

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Why reassess?

Because the daily grind can cloud your creativity and your judgement, we become so consumed by tasks which may not always be the most profitable for our business or indeed motivating for our mind. So I like to "Stop & Revive".

How to reassess

Make a wish list of what you want, personally and professionally.This will get the juices flowing and get you into a place of determination so you will take the exercise more seriously. Write down what your day looks like at the moment- time spent on tasks, time spent on phone calls, quality of your conversations etc and be honest. This is for you, no one else so evaluate yourself honestly but be non judgmental, just say it as it is.

Rate these areas and identify where time has been poorly spent,  what tasks are not adding to your growth either personally, professionally or financially. 

Now rate the areas where you are smashing it, identify your strengths and with enthusiasm develop the list of things that you are doing really well and then decide how much more effort/time you can devote to these areas so that you can excel, maybe you can draw ideas from your achievements in these areas and cross skill into areas where you may be weaker.

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you can plan and hope and dream but you if don't take action, all the best laid plans will remain just that !!! So now that you know where you are, you will write down steps of where you are going and how you are going to get there. The length of time you plan for is your decision, maybe you will plan for the next month, remember the more often you do this the more you will gain from it, we all know how in January we all make plans but by March and in a lot of cases much sooner, those plans have fallen away.

So I advise that you carry out this exercise on a regular basis and plan in the short term, that way you will

  1. Remain more focused
  2. See your achievements faster
  3. recognise your weaknesses earlier so that you can correct them
  4. The exercise becomes less time consuming and you will enjoy doing it and therefore get more out of it.

Use bullet points so that you can clearly see what you need to do. Write the list somewhere highly visible to you, maybe in your diary or put on a little note as a screensaver, just make it visible to you on a daily basis so tha you stay connected to it, this will increase the chances of you  sticking to it and achieving your desired results.

And always remember to celebrate your victories - especially the small ones, by celebrate I mean congratulate yourself and take a moment to say well done, this will inspire you and help you to remain your own best friend which is so important in life and business.

Whilst the relationship with our peers, colleagues and loved ones are crucial, it is the relationship with ourselves which will drive to us great heights of success in every area of our lives.

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Tuesday, 19 November 2019
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