Questions and Answers from Ulster Bank’s #BusinessAchievers Twitter Q&A

Leading up to Ulster Bank’s Annual #BusinessAchievers Awards, a team of Ulster Bank specialists, Ron the Co-Founder of, sat down for a Live Twitter Q&A.

The team provided some tips and tricks for award hopefuls, as well as detailed insight into previous winners, and the application process. For those of you who missed the live event, you can check out the Q&A below! Alternatively, search for #BusinessAchievers on Twitter.

Q1. When is the closing date for entries? #BusinessAchievers via @wellclever

UB: Hi @wellclever, it's the 25th of September. See here for more details . Best of luck.

Q2. What would be the number one tip for applying for #BusinessAchievers? via @orangemanta

UB: Hi @orangemanta, make your first paragraph stand out... and run spell check! See here for more details  

Q3. Can you enter the female entrepreneur award if you are one of four founders, the rest being male? #BusinessAchievers via @iveavicky

UB: Hi @iveavicky, if you are the CEO - the answer is yes. Please get in touch via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info. #BusinessAchievers

Q4. What categories are there to enter in #BusinessAchievers @UlsterBank? Via @davranetworks

UB: Hi @davranetworks, there are 8 categories and you can enter up to 2 categories. See here for more  #BusinessAchievers

Q5. Can companies operating internationally, but based in Dublin apply? #BusinessAchievers via @spud554433

UB: Hi @spud554433, absolutely. There is also an international category. See here for more . #BusinessAchievers

Q6. Want to enter the start-up category, when still in the beginning phase. Can we enter&how do we do it? #BusinessAchievers via @iveavicky

UB: Hi @iveavicky, yes. Tell your story from the original idea up to incorporation. Good luck! #BusinessAchievers

Q7. What is the best category to go for in the #BusinessAchievers? Via @orangemanta

UB: Hi @orangemanta, the category that best tells your company story! #BusinessAchievers

Q8. Is there a category for an Irish company that is built largely around trading foreign products? #BusinessAchievers via @TankersleyWine

UB: Yes there is @TankersleyWine. You should take a look at international category here . #BusinessAchievers

Q9. Are there regional awards or just a national competition? #BusinessAchieversAwards via @kieranomalley1

UB: There are Leinster, Connacht, Ulster and Munster provincial finals and a national final @kieranomalley1. #BusinessAchievers

Q10. I'm a one man show - is there a category I can enter? #BusinessAchievers via @killerfitz

UB: There are a number of categories that you can go for @killerfitz. Check out here for more info  . #BusinessAchievers

Q11. Why do you think applying for #BusinessAchievers is worthwhile? Via @orangemanta

UB: PR, access to the Ulster Bank ecosystem - national & global, networking opportunities AND sales @orangemanta. #BusinessAchievers

Q12. Can I get help with my #BusinessAchievers application? via @bizwomencan

UB: Yes. You can book a free mentoring session with the guys from @SmallBC. See here  @bizwomencan #BusinessAchievers

Q13. Can businesses enter more than 1 category? #BusinessAchievers via @KarKeeley

UB: Yes - you can enter up to two categories @KarKeeley. See here for more  #BusinessAchievers

Q14. Who's the most famous winner you've had? #BusinessAchievers via @kezzamcfezza

UB: Some Include: @taytopark, @Mcor3DPrinting, @RealexPayments,  @MoyParkChicken, @JaipurIndianCO + many more @kezzamcfezza. #BusinessAchievers

Q15. Is there a category for writers/artists or is it just business? via @helenmcnulty

UB: There's a social enterprise category, but if you sell art or writing for profit, enter biz categories:

Q16. Are there any requirements for start-ups planning to enter? Via @iveaLabs 

UB: Biz must be in existence for less than 3 years. Any sector, turnover, no. of employees #BusinessAchievers

Don’t forget to follow @UlsterBank and @SmalBC for more on this and other events.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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