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As part of an effort to increase employment throughout the country, FÁS launched the Momentum Initiative late in 2012. It is an initiative designed to train and equip 6,500 people with the necessary skills and tools to move off of the live register and back into employment. As part of Momentum QED Training are delivering a programme called "Don't Just Get A Job, Build A Business". The aim is to get 90 of the overall 6,500 Momentum participants started in their own business by the end of 2013.

Each of these 90 participants attends the QED programme in one of four networks - two located in the Dublin area (one North and one South), one located in the Bray/Wicklow area, and one in the Cork area. The start date for each of these networks were staggered, with Dublin Network 1 kicking off first back in early February.

QED Training 'Start your Own Business’ programme

The programme consists of a number of components. Each participant is individually supported by QED Training to create employment for themselves through a comprehensive ‘Start your Own Business’ programme of
  • Group Workshops
  • Individual Mentoring
  • Work Shadowing (a current business owner)
  • Creation of their own Business Website
  • FETAC Level 6 Business Planning Certification
  • Application for BTWEA and/or Loan Finance
  • Local and National Business Networking
After completing the intense training phase each of the participants begins a period of trial trading.  During this phase they can take all they have learned from the programme, and begin to test their idea/business model to see what works, what needs to change, what can improve and how they then go about doing that.

Sharing the experience

All Networks are now in the period of trial trading. To get a better idea of what they expect/hope to get out of this period, and their experience of the overall programme, here as some quotes from some of the participants:

Karen Griffin (Dublin 1):

"The QED Momentum course has been an incredible journey over the past 16 weeks, it is truly a focused, step by step process in the art of setting up a business, and nothing has been superfluous to requirement, it has been really well timed and planned to walk me through the phases and stages of planning and setting up the business.  I feel very guided and supported by the QED team and just knowing that they are there if I need them is a great psychological boost.  They are incredibly gifted, professional and patient in their approach.

The course has given me the confidence and courage I need to move forward with my business idea and equipped me with skills and tools to plan a more well thought out successful business. The trial trading period has given me a chance to dip my toe into the market and get a more realistic feel for how my business will run operationally on a day to day basis, how it is likely to develop and what the opportunities are.  It has breathed life into the business and moved it from the page into the real world and that is where the real learning starts."

David Brennan (Dublin 1):
"QED Training is great, its constantly helping me. You can ask them questions 24/7, every trainer has a unique ability and very pleasant all in all a great experience. Would recommend it."
Dave Kavanagh (Dublin 1):
"I have found the course to be very informative with excellent trainers and i have gained a great deal of insight especially in the case of social media and how to use it for business. As regards my trial trading, I have being using this time to negotiate prices with my suppliers.  My business is a golf tourism business to the Chinese market, so I have being visiting Hotels, Golf Courses, Coach hire companies, Restaurants etc. and building a relationship with them and trying to work out the best price, also I am finding what other services that they can offer my clients.

At the end of the trial trading period I hope to have all prices negotiated and have my website up and running and be ready for my first tour."

For more information, visit www.qedtraining.ie



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