Public speaking

Are you scared of public speaking or are excited by being in front of large audiences? You may be required to deliver a speech or message to journalists, shareholders or employees in the course of you business life. A well crafted speech can communicate a message clearly, add energy to good news or soften the blow of harsh news. An excellent speech can help to position you as a credible expert in your field and help to attract new clients.

A good speech is a key element of public speaking and requires preparation & planning despite appearing seem-less and lasting only minutes. The best public speakers create several drafts, practice in front of the mirror, control their body language/tone and anticipate difficult questions in advance.

Adapt your speeches to your specific business, add anecdotes and carefully choose what information to include or exclude. Tailor your message to your audience. For example, you adopt a strategic business focus when talking to shareholders but adopt a more personal and approachable tone with employees.

Tips for public speaking:

  • If you are nervous before the speech, do some light exercise or push ups to use surplus adrenaline.
  • Practice the speech aloud in front of the mirror to monitor your body language, and verbal language.
  • Use note cards to prompt you rather than reading the script.
  • Tailor the speech to your audience, speak in their language and offer example they understand well.  Avoid technical jargon.
  • Know your audience, their interests & concerns. In your speech, include topics related to their interests.
  • Include personal anecdotes; this helps the audience to build trust and familiarity with you.
  • Use notable or inspiring quotes to emphasis key points, avoid clichés.
  • Pause or repeat a sentence to add weight to its message.
  • Pause between sections, giving the audience time to absorb statements.
  • Use audiovisual aids such as a video or infographics or slides to cover complex topics.
  • Make frequent eye contact with the audience by following a sideways figure 8 with your eye line.
  • Smile and use hand gestures to emphasize key points. Open palms facing up imply honesty.
By Robert Farrell.

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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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