Pros and Cons of Working For a Small Business

Depending on your personality type, working for a small business can be rewarding and pleasant, although other people may prefer working for a larger company. Many things can factor into the final decision including:

  • the number of colleagues you prefer to work around
  • the amount of resources you expect the company to provide
  • the corporate incentive program
  • the amount of control you want
  • flexibility
  • ability to get noticed and promoted
  • the direct impact of your work on the company
  • ability to be heard by the company leadership
  • benefits
  • vacations
  • rate of pay
Working in the small business environment can be invigorating and challenging, a place where you can develop close working relationships with colleagues, develop a variety of skills since you may be required to do more than one specific type of work, where you may have more control over your own work than in larger environments and where you can see the impact of your work on the growth of the business.  You might experience greater flexibility in your work environment, especially if they allow you to work some of the time from home.  A smaller business may also be more open to new and creative ideas and suggestions than a large business is.  A smaller business can usually make decisions faster with less bureaucracy.

Limited Resources

However, smaller businesses are sometimes more likely to pile more work on an employee since they have limited resources.  The pay is usually lower in small businesses than in large corporations and there are frequently fewer benefits and limited vacation time.  While job stability and security is an issue in all organizational environments, smaller businesses are often less stable places to work.  Fortunately employee incentive programs are available in both small and large businesses.

Corporate incentives are rewards programs for hard working and efficient employees. Essentially a bonus to honor the best employees, corporate incentive programs can provide gift certificates, prepaid debit cards, travel vouchers, or specific items such as electronics or home décor.

The reasons for the wide variety of corporate incentive program depend on the type of company, the company’s budget and the program directors’ decision on how best to motivate the employees. Oftentimes a larger company may offer a goal oriented or points based incentive program. A pharmaceutical rep, for example, may receive a bonus for reaching a certain level of sales or may earn points toward the incentive by giving a certain number of sales pitches in a determined amount of time. A small car dealership, on the other hand, may give a small gift to each month’s leading salesperson. Either way, the award is based on the expectation of higher company profits due to the employee’s extra work efforts toward winning the award.

Dedication to hard work

The company budget can also be the main reason for the final decision about the type of rewards program. Smaller businesses often can’t plan for the potential variances in the number of employees that reach a specific goal. Larger companies have the resources and number of staff to work based on the law of averages to have a general idea as to how many incentives they will typically hand out based on the how many employees will reach the goals of the corporate incentive program. Smaller companies can make more specific plans about the reward by knowing ahead of time exactly what is being offered to only the top performer.

Ultimately, the motivation provided by the corporate incentives program should be the determining factor of the type of reward. A well known business fact proven by scientific studies has shown that these programs work well to improve and enhance the performance of each employee. It is known to especially motivate employees working on team projects as everyone wants to prove their worth and provide for the well being of the team. Such motivation and dedication to hard work results in the company’s further success whether large or small. Hard working employees lead to the satisfied and repeat customers that every company needs for future success.



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Monday, 15 July 2019
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