Promotional Products for Your Small Business

Promotional products are often one of the most cost effective methods of obtaining advertising. The only cost that has to be paid is the amount of money that emblazoning a product with the appropriate logo requires, as well as the cost of the product itself. Because larger order and larger customization jobs will tend to be cheaper than smaller jobs, using promotional products is a very affordable method of marketing. Some promotional products, however, are more effective than others.

Grocery Tote Bags

Custom tote bags are a promotional product that is rapidly becoming more popular with each year. These bags are made out of plastic or canvas and are therefore more durable than the bags that are ordinarily used for carting groceries from the store to the home. The increased interest in being "green" has caused many people to use more reusable bags than bags that are only designed to be used once. Grocery stores will charge between $1 and $5 for such bags and, because many people require more than one, purchasing several will add up. As a result, conscious grocery shoppers will flock to a stand to get free reusable grocery bags. If all of these bags have a huge logo for a company emblazoned on them, then each time that these bags are used, which will probably be at least once a week for most, the logo will get a large amount of exposure. It will also improve the environmental image that a company enjoys. At most companies that specialize in providing promotional products, each bag will cost $0.99.

Branded Custom Pens

Custom promotional pens are a tried and true method of obtaining increased exposure. This is because people tend to use pens. A lot. Most pens are smaller and easily lost, which increases the likelihood that the pens that have a company's logo on them will be used. There are several different types of pens that fall under promotional products, including capped pens, click-pens, gel writing pens, and eco pens that are made out of recycled materials. Each of these pens says something different about the company and what it values. High quality pens will reflect well on a company, so it is important to get pens that are guaranteed to work. This is also one of the cheapest types of marketing products.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are another key office supply that everyone needs. Because sticky notes tend to cost more than many believe that they are actually worth, a company that is giving out free sticky note pads can feel confident in the knowledge that the pads will be used in prominent places, thereby increasing the amount of free marketing that is able to be obtained. Sticky notes can be purchased in the form of cubes or pads, both of which come in varying sizes.


A fourth favorite type of promotional product that companies are able to use to increase their advertising without substantially increasing their advertising budget is to purchase mints branded with the logo of the company on the packaging. Everyone loves mints and other edible materials. As a result, they will be more likely to grab a handful to eat throughout the day and pass out to other people, increasing the exposure of the company and causing the potential customer to think favorably on the company. It is also possible to purchase boxes of mints that a person will carry with him or her for a few days. This tends to be an inexpensive method of company promotion.

Water Bottles

Custom water bottles are one of the more expensive products that a company can pass out, but they are well worth it. People are more and more focused on remaining hydrated and are all but guaranteed to use any water bottles they receive on a regular basis, increasing the amount of people who see the company's logo.

The longer you are in your customer's mind, the more likely they are going to remember you when they need services. These promotion items are sure to keep you at the forefront of their discussion.



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Friday, 19 July 2019
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