Profitable high tech small business ideas for professionals

Profitable high tech small business ideas for professionals

The information technology industry is vast and has the makings of a very powerful business foundation. It is without a doubt that the world owes its development to the advancement in technology. Yet, there is a limited circle of entrepreneurs with some high tech knowledge, utilizing their experience to build successful businesses. High tech simply refers to the most advanced technology available.

IT professionals are needed in both small and huge business ventures to drive innovations and income. The catch is you don’t even need to be a high-tech entrepreneur to delve into the tech industry. You can simply hire the services of IT companies and professionals. In this era of the internet of things, you can’t afford to be left behind.

Below are some of the most profitable high-tech small business ideas, as well as their pros and cons.

Blog consulting/ Freelancing

Blogging is a popular business idea and if you run a small business, blogging on a regular basis can drive traffic to your website, generate leads and attract the right client to your site. You can start a small business as a blog consultant if you have a knack for blogging or have an experience in a particular technological field. You can share your opinion and thoughts, support business in getting their blogs running and make tons of billions in the process.  


  1. Startups is quite easy and technically user-friendly, particularly when you when you do it the right way.
  2. You don’t have to keep the regular 8-5 schedule and you get to build a lifelong network.
  3. Blog consultants are well paid as good advice doesn’t come cheap.


  1. Blog consultants are always under pressure, ensuring that client sites generate enough traffic and leads and meet certain deadlines.


eCommerce is one of the high-ranking internet business idea for modern day entrepreneur. You can obtain a hosting provider or not, and you get to concentrate fully on all aspect of the business. For instance, if you have a good fashion sense but lack the capital to rent or buy a bricks and mortar boutique, then venturing into an online boutique is your best bet.


  1. eCommerce is a highly lucrative business with online stores opened 24/7. This ensures you make money round the clock while you are on a vacation or still in your pajamas.
  2. You don’t need lots of money to start. You can simply buy a domain, obtain hosting, and get a cheap domain name registration.


  1. eCommerce sites are not totally hitch-free even though many tools and resources go into its development. Websites can develop technical issues in a twinkle of an eye, and will remain down and inaccessible until it is fixed.
  2. It takes longer time to establish customer awareness and trust. This is because customers prefer to stick with brands they are familiar with or trending ecommerce site, and hesitate to spend money on unknown sites.
  3. There are millions of other eCommerce sites selling similar items which can be quite competitive.


Game developing

Brendan James at Domains4Less said that online game is a lucrative and fast-growing business with increased global demand. "People have fun while playing games which makes the demand for different creative games ever on the increase. You can design games for a single player or multiple players. Also for one person or a large business entity", he stated


  1. It is quite fun and exhilarating to develop a game you love.
  2. You don’t need a degree to venture into the gaming industry, all you need is the technological know-how.


  1. It is time consuming and a cutthroat competition industry which usually takes a toll on the developer.
  2. Game developers need to be tech-savvy and creative in order to rank among the top dog in the industry.


Web designing services

There is a huge demand for web designers who are savvy in the digital market. Web designing services requires expertise in website designing and basic knowledge in HTML coding, copywriting, graphics designing. This can be an interesting and profitable venture for a small business owner with experience and a good portfolio.



  • You get to form partnerships with but not limited to, copywriters, graphics designers, web developers, SEO professionals, and marketing consultants.
  • Web designing services is quite lucrative and you can also continue to provide web maintenance services to maintain a steady income.



  1. Coming up with an inspiring and original designs can be quite challenging and you also have to test every site you design on different browsers and computers.
  2. You need extensive knowledge in all coding standards and technology and about the industry.

Computer assembling, repairing and maintenance

If you are a computer geek, with skills for customizing PC, troubleshooting a computer’s problems and knowledgeable in fixing them, then computer assembling, repair and maintenance is the business for you. You can import spare parts from China and other countries across the globe and you don’t need a spacious workstation.


  1. You can charge for annual maintenance service providing.
  2. It is a lucrative business that can generate tons of money.


Most people go for high-configuration assembled computer which may require you to travel or have a network of suppliers of distinctive parts.

Social media consulting

Social media is an essential online marketing platform. That there are quite a number of other social media consulting sites, out there should not stop you from delving into the social networking industry. You can start by building a forum where you guide companies with your social media knowledge and then develop strategies for them to effectively attract and connect better with their audience.


  1. A virtual office will suffice saving you the expense of renting or buying a building.
  2. You can focus on a specific niche and become an authority over others.


  1. It is time consuming and you may need to be available round the clock to resolve any crisis your clients may face.
  2. Social media is an ever changing field and you may have to keep up with updates and current trends to stay significant.




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Wednesday, 11 December 2019
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