Preparing Your PR For The Festive Season

You may think that Christmas is still a while away but a PR strategy needs to be conceived well in advance in order for your business to get the most out of the festive period. The public’s behaviour tends to change around this time of year and so you need to adapt your PR and marketing methods to accommodate for this and take advantage of what is, for many businesses, the busiest time of year. Here are some tips on how to prepare your PR for the festive season.

But what needs to change? What’s the best way to go about a Christmas PR strategy? Does Santa prefer a glass of sherry or a shot of whisky to be left out for him on Christmas night? Well, you’ll find the answers to two out of those three questions here.

Oh, Baby, It’s Cold Outside

As the weather takes a turn for the worst, the temperatures start to plummet towards 0 and it becomes dark before you’ve even left work in the evening; the behaviour of the public tends to change. People won’t be going out as much as usual and so there may be a need to switch the focus when it comes to the channels you use to reach them.

Online activity goes through the roof at this time of year as we all attempt to avoid the crowds and stay inside with the heating on, and so you may wish to focus more of your resources onto online marketing and PR. We also watch a lot more telly in the autumn and winter and so this may be another great medium through which to reach your audience.

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time

Christmas is arguably the most stressful period of the year; running around trying to get everything done in time whilst also trying to fight against the rising tide of other people trying to do exactly the same thing. So what everybody is looking for is simplicity. They don’t want to have to work hard in order to figure out your hidden message or have to fill in a million different forms in order to qualify for your free giveaway; they just want it to be easy.

It’s a kind of demanding mind-set to be in but that’s the way things are at Christmas. So with this in mind it is important to make your marketing and PR as accessible as possible and really simple to interact with.

This is most poignant in the technology industry. Tech gifts make great Christmas presents but if nobody understands what your product does then it’s going to be left on the shelf come January. Remove the complex language from your technology PR and give it to them straight.

Be Creative With Your ‘Winter’s Tale’

Whilst you are ramping up your PR efforts in time for Santa’s arrival, you can bet your last snowflake that everyone else is going to be doing the same. And with all these business vying for the public’s attention at a time of year where we are a lot less stringent with our purse strings; it’s more important than ever that you stand out from the crowd.

The more creative you can be with your Christmas campaign the better and so it will require some out of the box thinking in order to elevate your business above the rest.

Spread Some Joy To The World

Christmas is synonymous with the idea of giving and so what better way to mark this time of year than by spreading a bit of festive joy yourselves. Show your customers exactly what they mean to you by creating a few great deals for them or, even better, giving them something for free. It may only be a little something after they have spent a certain amount of money but it will do wonders for your PR and word of mouth should do you a great service.

Another good idea is to get involved in some charity work to show your generous side, but you shouldn’t make a big deal about it. Nobody wants to buy something from a company that alerts the press whenever they decide to do some charity work. Do it out of the kindness of your heart to show your business has its own personality.



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Monday, 22 July 2019
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