Point Of Sale Marketing: How To Find A Strategy That Works for your Business


Whether you're a restaurant or just a retailer, an effective point of sale marketing strategy help you drive more sales to your business. Unfortunately, the space along your counter is limited and the real estate faces competition from companies that also want to sell their products in your store.

You have just about a minute to attract buyers in line and make them quickly decide whether they need a magazine or some gum on their way out. So what can you do to maximize on your potential earnings? Here are some excellent point of sale marketing strategies that can help get more of your visitors buy more of the items displayed at the counter.

Attractive Signage

To begin with, you must get their attention. You cannot have your rugged chicken costumes or cashier wear advertisements in such an instance, can you? Talking to the customers may seem like a good idea but on the flip side, it is a time waster and prerequisite for the long lines and angry customers still waiting to be served. Although old, putting up an attractive design is a good trick to help catch the attention of your leaving customers. Signs have been in existence since civilization with old papyrus advertisements being found in Rome, Greece and Egypt.

If advertisements were good enough back then, they are probably good enough for your modern store as well. Choose a sign that is likely to attract your customers and convince them to make a purchase. A bright idea is the use percentages and statistics, for instance if you are selling some whitening gum, a sign reading "whitens teeth better that product W" or something close to this can be a good way to go. However, don't forget to back it up. Usually, advertisers have their own signs so choose those likely to attract your customers.

Improve the Visual Appeal of your Display Shelves

There is no doubt that visually appealing shelves are likely to sell more items compared to a blank, dilapidated shelf in total disarray. When there is lots of organization and colorfulness on a display shelf, the chances are that customers will pick items from it since they have the confidence that all the products are new and worth adding to their shopping list. Avoid stacking together commodities that do not go together, such as candy and batteries. That's totally off.

An example would be a shelf dedicated for lighters, batteries, mosquito repellent, car fresheners and flashlights. One section of the shelf could have gum, candy or any other snack. Wet wipes and toothbrushes could occupy another section. There has to be a technique in your POS marketing strategy at the counter to not only entice but also convince your customers into picking the extra items they had not planned for.

Display Shelves

Trial and Error with your Point of Sale

If you are using a point of sale software that comes with advanced reporting and analytics like cloud-based Lightspeed Point Of Sale for retail, you will have a clear picture of the products that customers are more interested in and those that are clogging your inventory. With such information, you can perform a trial and error with the products in the counter. Candy against chocolates, pit gums versus candy, lighters versus flashlights. When you witness the pattern on an item that beats others, try and sell more of it.

According to PLM Global, you need to be sure not forget to check the margins. Just because a low-priced item sells fast during checkout does not imply that you are making more cash from it in comparison to an expensive item that doesn't sell as fast.

The Best Marketing Strategy

It is very difficult to find a Point of Sale marketing strategy that works for everyone because business dynamics will always be different in every setting. A coffee shop will not have the same approach as an auto shop. Retailers and restaurants cannot equally emulate each other.

With regard to point of sale marketing, the not a single-size strategy that works for all business so do your homework and find what works and what doesn't for your business.

Therefore, the best Point of Sale strategy would be what gives good results to your business. Vendors have vast experience with POS marketing so it would be an excellent idea to build a connection with them and ask for advice on what you can improve on for better marketing.

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